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  • Her Dark Destiny (Hunters of the Dark #1) on Nov. 08, 2011

    At the start of the book we like how Ferraro's intense description on the demonic filled world give us insight into the paranormals as well as the characters we are getting to know. We know what the characters look like because of his detailed descriptions, which most books now-a-days are lacking in. Some of the way through the start of the book we are waiting for some demonic/paranormal slaying but we are mostly getting to know Shanna and about how she was led into the hunting world. Halfway through the book it started to lose my attention. Not in the fact that I couldn't stand to read it but because it didn't have that "book crack" factor that keeps you interested in the book and makes ou think about it constantly. This wasn't there to be honest and I was cheering when I finally finished because it took so long. I didn't want to devour every page, every word that their reality seeps into me that I become apart of their characters like what good books do. This is what kind of undid the book and where it lost the most starts because it was lacking in that addictive book state, "book crack" We are constantly kept in their thoughts, but then when we get glimpses of reality we become confused at that is really reality and what they are thinking. Where is the line drawn? Is there a line at all? Also at the end we are kept in every characters head at the same time, which is making me think more than I would normally have to when reading and get confused because I'd have to read it again and then makes me lose the reading rhythm. With this there are no line breaks that allows us to swap into another character's head as there ususally was. SPOILERS: The most that happens in this book towards the end now that we start to get annoyed with is: Jordan: am I gay? with a vampire? Shanna: everone reminds me of dead people I love *sigh* Cameron: Shanna, Shanna, Shanna, and Shanna Natalia: Tea and Scones *pinky out* (because of her manner and how she talks) Everyone else: paranormal activity. While I was going through this book I thought some kind of (not really in terms of this book's theme) outrageous things. Like Cameron will end up being a Shape-Shifter (didn't happen), Jordan will start having a relationship with the Vamp did kinda happen and that Natalia was hiding something (she was in a way hiding something with the Shape-Shifter but we don't really get told what happened in Hawaii)
  • Enchantment (The Channie Series Book One) on Dec. 08, 2011
    (no rating)
    First of all I would love to thank the amazing Charlotte Abel for providing me with this eBook, after winning the write-a-spell-for-a-day contest (I wrote a prophecy but when taking a look to this novel, the kind of prophecy it is does suit the whole context of the spells used). You did a marvellous job at writing this novel that I can't wait for the next novel in the Channie series. Ironically, this book truly is enchanting. We are drawn into Channie's world from the very beginning and we learn with her as well as through Josh. What really needed to be done was to give more of a 'face' to the characters, we need to be able to picture each and every character. However, this really is the only lacking thing in this novel. Even the Goodreads synopsis had proved me wrong as I thought it would be a completely different novel than to what the synopsis had percieved it to be. I love how we are completely taken into the story and get straight to the point, not waiting expectantly for something to happen, which would quickly make us tired of the story when we have only just gotten us into it. No, this novel takes on a ride and makes us wonder if a spell has been put on us to keep reading and not to put the book down. Although this novel had it's bits of predictability it wasn't overbearingly predictable and did have some shockers. Honestly, I didn't expect to know if the novel would last. Why I ever thought this I have no idea. The story was not lacking in any way and I can't think of much (much else to the very minor things stated above) that would have made this novel into anything but lustworthy. The spark between Channie and Josh, brought us back to the times when youthful teenage lust was enveloping the air and the talks with our parents and lectures on the 'birds and the bees' as many subtley call it. Hormones raging, cramps playing in the background, as well as dirty minds fill our youth, but also through the remembrance of firsts. First kisses, loves and fights are also part of it and we look back and connect our youthful teenage selves within this story that we don't nedd to be given explanations to explain because we already know the feeling and were there once before. Channie and her families innocence on some matters of everyday life (like mobile phones and BMX Racing) is cute and makes us laugh at how unaware and naive at some of our lifes everyday occurrences. It just brings on a side to her charactervand to her world of magic that we wonder what else they don't know or are unaware of.
  • The Ylem (The Ylem Trilogy, # 1) on Dec. 29, 2011

    This book is hard to rate. I really liked this book, but some of it was a bit if-y. Sometimes in the book, mainly in the middle, the story seemed to drag on a bit and you wonder if it's just there as "fluff" because it doesn't hold your interest too much to keep reading. But you do want to keep reading (if it makes sense). A lot of questions haven't been answered in this novel. We are left in the dark about a lot of things in their world. Yes, we see it from Kalista's point of view and she doesn't know about their world either, but you would think that she would ask about it or want to know more. It seems that because she doesn't do this, that she does already know everything about their world, which she shouldn't. She also at times acts like she does, which leaves us in the dark as well. At first, we see her dismisal to guys and love and trust issues as something that, from her situation, is really pointless. She over-reacts to the Steve situation, but it isn't until the end of the book that we realise that there was more that led up to it. With Tristan we ask ourselves WHY at the end of the book. It's very depressing and we are begging for more information as to why. This is one of those brilliant books where you cannot guess what's coming. Really, I didn't guess anything, nor did I want to. Most of the book after the middle really got me as a shock. We get so caught up with Kalista's dramas that we forget about really guessing the story plot. Yes, I know this may be a little condescending from what I said earlier but it does make sense...once you read the book. And you should read the book! Oh, that cliffhanger. I really hate it at the moment, because I cannot wait for the second novel. It feels like this book is going to be one of those where it could be one big novel but instead it feels ilke it's cut in half and made into more. I loved the addition to Caleb's perspective. It was refreshing, and because nothing much happened, we knew from either end what was happening on his side, even from Kalista's point of view. In other novels, including his point of view after a few chapters of the protagonists point of view, might of seemed like there was not enough because we couldn't remember what was going on from that side. But, in this book it is perfectly suited to a chapter in the midst of the few chapters gap of Kalista. This is because, from Kalista's point of view, we still hear of Caleb but from a view where he is anonymous and is part of a general group and not just individually. Both his and her views lead up to their shocking discovery at the end of the book that leaves you dying for more
  • Survival, a YA Paranormal Romance (The Guardians of Vesturon Series, Book #1) on Aug. 26, 2012

     4.5... First of all, I love how the book is broken up into 4 'mini' books. Bringing with it a change in perspective, as well as with every few chapters the change in P.O.V. We have a set of characters for each 'book' that it can change P.O.V to, it does include setting changes as well. While we are in the protagonist, Maddie's point of view, we get left with her either speaking formally as the Guardians do, or in her usual American slang. It's weird to switch formalities so many times. it is random as well, sometimes she feels as if she needs to speak formally, whereas others it seems like she lets go the control out of her tone and language that she can actually be herself and not ahve to speak as mature as she is, especially without her parents we see her desire to prove she is mature. However, it is her actions that defines her as this, not so much as by the formality in her tone. (Yes, there is some, but her use of American slang does not diminish this.) Another thing I love about this book is how, even though we mainly see and know more than Maddie, we expect everything that happens as well as come to more understanding when she finds out, as we are given more information about certain topics in the book when she finds out about it. Although not much of a big fan of the unexpected seeing as we know most things that happen, but I love the way that we are hanging onto the information we already know and try to guess for it to strike Maddie's life. This also includes the meaning and story behind the occurrence. When we are in the brothers' perspective, we see that Maddie starts to get annoying with everything that she does to try and help. It brings light to the story as well as the added laugh, and is there as a bit of fluff (if you get what I mean), yet the fluff is not particularly noticable, we would miss this bit of it were taken out. This brings a new side to Maddie's character that we start to discover along with the brothers. We feel sorry for Rayne and Maddie and their complicated relationship. Awww, forbidden love! it will never cease to exist (well, it does make for a good story). Sometimes, however, we feel that everyone in the book only cares about looks and calling each other "hot" and "drop dead gorgeous", which does annoy me because to me they are terms that don't express or convey any actual feelings and emotions like for in the context it was brought into. Like I previously explained, the book is majorly predictable (although this is without being shown/told the information/situation). Yet it still doesn't quite annoy us as much as many others do because there are other elements brought into the scene that still make it interesting to read and push through. At the end of the book, a lot of questions are still left unanswered, making us anxious to read the second novel. The cliffhanger at the end makes me suspect that book 2, could lead onto 'mini' book 5?
  • Blood Debt on Nov. 19, 2013

    View the original review over at my blog, Behind a Million and One Pages as part of the Touched series Blog Tour! Review: I had read Blood Debt, the first book in this series just after it came out. From reading the first book so long ago and starting this one now, you get a bit confused. You try to remember what happened and where everything was left off, especially seeing as the first chapter is from Beau’s POV. I love how straight away, even though the first chapter is a bit confusing because you’re still trying to figure out where everything is up to, that from the moment you start the second chapter everything that has happened just falls back into place. But in the second chapter the way that the events that happened in the first book are so easily manoeuvred into the second chapter and making it fit so seamlessly into the story and into Camille’s thoughts that if this reminiscing wasn’t there, the start of this book wouldn’t be as good as it was. We start off with Beau calling Daniel, and Daniel is well..... Daniel! We can tell straight away that most of this book will focus on Beau with what he is going through, with reaching the eligible age to be chosen. I’m still not too sure on Daniel’s character; he is too overboard with his worry for Cami that it makes me turn off him. I love him as a character, but his worry for her is too much. We can tell straight away with Beau, that this book will be a tough one for him. When it all starts to unravel we can tell straight away what is going to happen and I started cheering for Beau when my prediction came true (Yes, I am a Centauride who can see the future! haha) We then get to Camille and Drake on a plane to Ireland to find the Pasture. Straight away our insta-love with Drake is back on and we are head over heels for him again. We get caught up in everything that is happening and everything that has happened and get instantly hooked into the story. They are together (finally!!!), but they are not completely together ( ;) wink wink ). It is probably just me, but it feels like most of the trip is Cami trying to have Drake sexually and then Drake wanting Cami sexually, but then remembering otherwise that it shouldn’t happen until they are married. It’s a constant between Drake saying after they get married and Cami trying to find excuses to do it now. This wasn’t annoying for me, but it might be for some, as there are bits and pieces of this book that are like that and it might seem like half of the book is about them wanting to and trying to. Even though this book is constantly switching between characters, nothing is forgotten as we are reminded of the other characters within each chapter or two. I can’t really say more on the story because of spoilers but let’s just say, that once you start this book, you will be completely hooked! I (unknowingly) was a few pages away from the end of the book, and stopped reading because I was curious as to how much of the book I had left and I was surprised at how fast this book went that you literally don’t even realize it. The only thing that I wish was added, was something about Phineas after what happened and Cami returning back to the south. It felt like it was just all left out in the cold after what happened, and it felt like there should have been something happen after Cami was gone.