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  • Master of Crows on Oct. 24, 2012

    I must say that I am pleasantly surprised by Master of Crows. I usually don't read this kind of books, they bore me to tears and every time I have tried to read one I have left them fairly soon. Master of Crows is not very surprising or even original but somehow it managed to keep my interest. The main characters are your typical plain, shy but with something more girl (very Jane Eyre-ish) and the scary, mysterious and gorgeous guy. In truth, I got a bit bored of reading how fine looking he is but, as I said, something kept me interested and I kept reading. The story is told alternating between the two main characters and follows how they intend to pursue their conflicting goals and how their relationship evolves from fear and disdain to curiosity and love through time and their interactions. Fortunately there is also a plot going on and not just the romance, it is not a very complex one but it is well developed and delivers what it promises with moments of a very welcomed tension. What I have missed the most is some world-building. I may be too accustomed to stories with some more details on how the world works, the history, cultures or magic, but I think it would have given the story and the characters a bit more depth. Not that the characters are as flat as I expected them to be, on the contrary, they have more to them than it seems despite being quite stereotypical, but knowing more of the world they live in would have helped in understanding their position in society, because we are more than once told that they are outcasts but never really shown. So, in the end it has proved to be a very simple and entertaining story with non-flat characters and a bit more than a romance going on.