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I try to write honestly about modern relationships. In Torn I do not shy away from the messiness of life, or underplay the difficulties to be faced by single parents who seek to rebuild their lives.
I began writing novels in childhood - a hobby pursued throughout my teenage. Though I never finished anything, writing was only abandoned totally when I left home and real life took over from the fiction. I did not go to Oxford or Cambridge, but instead went to Croydon Art College. I did not work on any of the broadsheets or in television, but did a variety of jobs - shop assistant, beauty-consultant, barmaid and picking up American tourists in London in order to sell them real estate in Florida. I worked longest and most happily as a commercial artist.
When I stopped work to have my son, I started writing again. My first two completed novels were immediately taken on by a new independent publisher. The first, Just Before Dawn, followed most of the tropes of the category romance. But with the second, Desires & Dreams, I wrote the novel of my heart. It was still a love story, but it was darker and edgier than most conventional romantic fiction and subverted the ‘romance’ stereotypes.
My publisher failed to achieve the marketing, promotion and distribution necessary to achieve success for itself or for its new authors. It folded after a few years and since those days the world of publishing has changed completely, which is why I have now decided to self-publish.
I now live in Gloucestershire, I continue to draw and paint and design cards.

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