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My first written story involved a boy, spear-chucking natives and ended in a dream. It won 1st Prize in the Short Story Contest held for 7th graders. Imagine how bad the others were.

Being an avid reader of comic books, SF, mystery and sports stories and thinking that I knew I could do something similar, I took that first story as a push to keep writing. Almost everything I wrote after that I trashed, except for one story my Dad said: "It's good, but you wrote it for yourself, not the reader." From that point on, I knew I could write stories and I learned to write them for more than an audience of one.

I've written plenty of stories, some of which were published. I've written seven books, one of which was published with me receiving no credit, as ghost writers know. I've been blogging as Gil The Jenius for several years, but not about writing. I've spent something like 40% of my professional career writing plans, ads, reports, proposals, articles, interviews and scads of other "serious" stuff. And what fiction I did write I kept tucked away, growing older as I focused on other types of writing. Now's the time for it to see the light.

Somerset Maugham once said that "If you're waiting to write, you're a waiter, not a writer." Although I still take tips (preferably cash), I'm a writer...fiction now included.

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