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From Global Jele Publishing Company: Thirty-something Giulia Napoli grew up in East Lansing, Michigan. She earned a Bachelors and a Masters degree in Journalism from a prestigious Great Lakes area university. While an undergraduate, Giulia studied abroad for three years - a year each in London, Florence, and Brussels. Her interest in the many forms of erotica started and grew during her time in Europe. Giulia writes contemporary adult fantasy - romantic erotica - with themes of submission, fetishes, body modification, unusual bondage, and both M/F and F/F sexuality. Her stories have frequent surprising, unexpected, erotic twists thrown in. Her settings are often exotic and global in scope, reflecting the broad travel experiences of this creative author.

Her latest novel, "Eighteen Months," takes fetish erotica to a new, creative level. "Eighteen Months" is erotic drama at its gut-wrenching best. It takes the reader on a journey from the highest emotional peaks to the deepest valleys. This is a 110,000 word-plus tale of endangered innocence within an erotic mix that few stories can match. Ms. Napoli puts the reader squarely within the mind of the heroine so that we know her every thought, feel her every experience and see what she sees. "Eighteen Months" is a plot-driven erotic novel built around fetishes and threatened virtue, along with titillating hetero and bisexuality. Though not a BDSM novel in the traditional sense, Eighteen Months thrusts the heroine into a world where she seems enveloped by a BDSM mist which moves into all facets of her life. The dramatic ending gives the story an element of erotic horror that the reader will not soon forget.

Gi, herself, may be even more vivacious and sexy than her story's characters, She changes her appearance frequently - sometimes in parallel with her characters, other times just because she wants to try something new. She tries to be everywoman to her Husband. In Gi's words, Hubby is a totally non-nerdy industrial scientist/executive. Her first child, a girl, was born December 14, 2012. She and her husband live in a major metropolitan area in the Great Lakes region of the USA, and spend over a third of the year at their beach condo, on the USA's East Coast..

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Smashwords Interview

Your real name and pen name?
Giulia Napoli is my real name and my pen name. What I won’t tell you, is whether that is my maiden name or married name. Both my husband and my father asked me not to reveal that, for as long as I write erotica
What are some of the best memories of your childhood
I had a very happy childhood. I always felt loved, wanted, and respected. My parents were supportive and attentive. They were always there for me, in spite of the fact that my father is a full professor in a university, and my mother is a professional, freelance photographer. So my best memories are of all the things I was able to do with them. Unfortunately, both sets of grandparents lived rather far from me, as is common in the United States: 500 km and 1100 km away respectively. However, the time I was able to spend with both my maternal and paternal grandparents was always wonderful.

Probably the highlight of my growing up was my first trip to Italy, for three weeks in 1992, when I was 13.
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Smashwords book reviews by Giulia Napoli

  • Maginaugh, Book One of The Fair and Fey on July 29, 2012

    This is an intensely beautiful book in an idyllic setting. The detail and lushness of the milieu makes it all the more poignant when it’s peace is ripped apart by outsiders, most of whom are bent on its subjugation and destruction. The reader can’t escape the anguish of these good people as the world they’ve tried to make their own is caught up in the perverted lust that the jealous, outside hordes openly exhibit towards them. In a plot reminiscent of the folk song “One Tin Soldier (The Legend of Billy Jack),” and just as stirring, sad and moving, J. Ellyne weaves an epic tale of the Magin and the Pewa – two fair, just, innocent (Magin) and practical (Pewa) societies in what could only be prehistoric times. The plot centers around the reaction of these two near-utopian societies to the baseness of the world around them. There is a lovely, warm, moving theme of bisexuality that ripples gently throughout the tale. Its presentation provides a poignant insight into the love of a woman for a man and another woman and of two women for each other. No reader, regardless of personal orientation, can help but be touched by the open innocence, joy, and true love of the characters for those most intimately important to them. The scenes are both emotive and tasteful. You will feel the happiness, excitement, and sometimes despair of the characters as you rarely do in a novel. The story is told with deep insight into the (very real) area where it takes place which will continuously amaze the reader. J. Ellyne exhibits an astute understanding of the knowledge and skills available to the natives and how they use what they know to exist in a primitive world. The author seems to be intimately connected to this almost mythical land surrounded and bounded by three Great Lakes. I urge you to buy and read this moving novel. It will take you places, and expose feelings in you that will make the investment of time more than worth your while. Outstanding!
  • Maahilund, Book 2 of The Fair and Fey on Dec. 09, 2012

    Kudos to J. Ellyne for giving us a wonderful sequel to her lovely, dramatic story, Maginaugh. Maahilund is a story of awesome beauty and abject horror, which pulls the reader in both directions at once – and that requires the real writing talent that J. Ellyne has in abundance. The tale of the Magin, the Pewa and many of the characters in the first book continues with an even more colorful, stirring, heart-wrenching and beautiful tale. In Maahilund, the author shifts most of the tale across the Atlantic to a land of Elves and Demons and magic. In doing so, the author is able to create an even more intricate story and build up ever-more-interesting relationships among the characters in this new, complex land. In Maahilund the reader begins to understand the depth and interplay of the beings who rule J. Ellyne’s fantasy world, and the rules that govern it. The author explores all the forms of interpersonal love and devotion with taste and sympathy. The way the characters feel about each other is told with a depth of emotional understanding that many lesser authors simply can’t manage. In Maahilund, the feelings are not only well-described, but the author manages to teach the reader something new about love, especially amid tribulation, betrayal, jealousy and lust. That’s a take-away that, in itself, makes the book worth reading. The author’s sensitivity to the thoughts, feelings and needs of her characters is evident in Maahilund, as it was in Maginaugh. As a result, she weaves a moving story of courage, commitment, gain and loss for all the denizens of the book – whether good or evil. The reader is able to glimpse the most noble of motives as well as the basest. The story quickly draws you in and takes you on such a ride that you regret those moments when you have to put it aside, and return to your regular life. We see the evilest of evil with a burning hatred of everything beautiful in the world, and great love and heroism play out together in Maahilund. Will either one triumph for all time? You’re left to ponder that question – both because of the story’s evolution, and the set-up for the next book in the series. A very well written and edited, truly wonderful reading experience.
  • The Elves of Arthannegh, Book Three of the Fair and Fey on Feb. 28, 2014

    The Elves of Arthannegh is a big, powerful, important, erotic novel which is certain to become a noted, quoted, sensual, adult foundation of the Arthurian legends. The novel is of epic proportions – broad in scope and deeply rich in detail. In this third book in the series, The Fair and Fey, J. Ellyne tells the story of a clash of civilizations – Roman, Saxon, British, Elven, Orcan, demonic, and more on a scale that few authors would have the audacity or the ability to pull off. But pull-it-off she does with color, style and an uncanny insight into the real underpinnings of those ancient civilizations, technologies, prejudices, and personal relationships. And as if that weren’t enough, she weaves many of the pieces of folklore and history you’ve heard into her story, to make it come even more alive. This is a story of devastation, hope against overwhelming odds, nobility of spirit, betrayal, and astounding valor when faced with the loss of everything. The real heroes are the Elves, in all their manifestations, colors and types. The author brings them, their friends and enemies, their lovers, and their cities, woods and lakes alive in the reader’s mind through the complex society and individuals she creates. Ellyne, with enviable skill, paints a heart-warming and heart-wrenching, believable picture of the many aspects of Elven civilization, and the flawed but sincere characters that derive from it. I fell in love with many of those characters and came to regard them as real, close, sometimes tragic friends as the story developed. Elven, Roman, and Anglo-Saxon civilizations are interlaced by the author to create this tale of their interplays, interrelationships, and clashes. Motives are noble and base. There are heroes and antiheroes and others simply caught up in an upheaval of historic proportions. The excellence of this novel lies in its ability to balance these complexities in a fun, moving, titillating story that demands your attention from beginning to end. And at the end it rolls into a glimpse of the underpinnings of the legends of King Arthur and solidifies much of what came before him. I believe you will love this book. In spite of its considerable length, the story is so well-written and interestingly presented that the reader sails through it, ever-anxious for what will happen as the pages are turned. What an exciting read! The Elves of Arthannegh is a significant work that is, in my opinion, priced well-below its substantial value. I’m confident that it’s one of the best values for your ebook dollars that’s out there. You really should read this book.