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Nicki Moore
Latest book: Seducing the Professor: My Naughty College Years.
Published January 19, 2017.
James Lucien
Latest book: Coercing my Coed.
Published August 9, 2019.
Latest book: Twins In Bed.
Published August 4, 2019.
Latest book: Twincestival.
Published September 3, 2015.
Lady Calandra
Latest book: The Strongest Bond.
Published September 14, 2012. (5.00 from 2 reviews)
Violet Theron
Latest book: Boss's Dirty Secretary.
Published January 14, 2020.
Anna Mullwer
Latest book: Secret Email: A Father Daughter Incest Novel.
Published February 23, 2020.
Phaedrus T. Wolfe
Latest book: A Writers Guide To Adult Compliance Requirements.
Published November 14, 2013. (5.00 from 2 reviews)
Damien Sol
Latest book: Trouble in New York.
Published May 16, 2020.
R. Richard
Latest book: Graduation Girls.
Published May 25, 2020.
John E. Jay
Latest book: Keeping Naomi Satisfied.
Published August 27, 2019.
Angel Scott
Latest book: Enjoying Their Lover.
Pre-release—available June 11, 2020.
Allison Heather
Latest book: The Plan.
Published January 14, 2018.
Elly Vee
Latest book: Dad's Fantasy Plays Out.
Published July 20, 2019.
Evil Brat
Latest book: Cuckold Father Humiliated by Son and Daughter.
Published March 12, 2020.
Raquel Rogue
Latest book: My Brother's Hypno Slave (Overwhelmed: Belle).
Published March 17, 2019.
Jewel Geffen
Latest book: The Family Upon the Hill - Complete Collection.
Published February 19, 2020.
Derena Donna
Latest book: Nubile Brats Bundle.
Published March 14, 2019.
Kimberlee Madison
Latest book: Seduced By The Neighbor's Daughter.
Published May 22, 2020.
Felix Stanton
Latest book: Surprising The Babysitter.
Published September 17, 2017.
Nixie Fairfax
Latest book: The Monster Sex Experiment: Episode 10.
Published April 14, 2019.
Robert Lubrican
Latest book: The Seventh Sense.
Published April 29, 2020.
Tiffany Lane
Latest book: Forced to Breed by the Viking Werewolf.
Published August 12, 2014.
Scarlet Smith
Latest book: Stepbrother: Hot and Heavy.
Published February 19, 2017.
Carl East
Latest book: The Sight 2.
Published May 18, 2020.
Little Dickins
Latest book: My Sexy Little Cheerleader.
Published March 13, 2019.
Laura Lovecraft
Latest book: Mommy Won't But I Will (Daddy Daughter).
Published April 25, 2020. (5.00 from 1 review)
Victoria Foxxe
Latest book: The Brat's Taboo First Time.
Published March 12, 2019.
K.J. Burkhardt
Latest book: Raped by my Dog.
Published March 19, 2019.
Mistress Viper
Latest book: Blood Moon (Beauty's Journey #4).
Published April 12, 2020.
Latest book: Flames Of Desire.
Published January 19, 2020.
K.W. Steiner
Latest book: Expanding Her Canine Horizons.
Published March 3, 2020. (5.00 from 1 review)
Ali Soloman
Latest book: Daddy's Taboo Dream Girl.
Published June 11, 2014.
Baron LeSade
Latest book: A Quick Ten Bucks.
Published April 19, 2016.
Jack Ryder
Latest book: Reunion.
Published May 8, 2020.
M.V. Reece
Latest book: Raping My Struggling Daughter Until She Likes It.
Published February 18, 2019.
Trixie Tabu
Latest book: Master Makes Me a Virgin.
Published June 15, 2019.
A.B Hammond
Latest book: Educating My Son: Gay Incest and Beast Erotica.
Published February 14, 2019.
Zoe Black
Latest book: Twins in Training.
Published February 15, 2020.
Virgil N. Trainor
Latest book: Fresh Dreams.
Published October 11, 2019.
Tempest D'aughtier
Latest book: Sweet Dreams.
Published October 11, 2019.
Rae Roman
Latest book: Tramp.
Published April 27, 2019.
Eileen Raines
Latest book: Fuck Family Secrets.
Published December 18, 2019.
Daisy Diamond
Latest book: Doing Cherry the First Time.
Published November 17, 2019.
Teddi Lawless
Latest book: Bad Daddy Spanks.
Published March 2, 2020.
Anastasia Slash
Latest book: BOYS THAT PLAY.
Published August 29, 2019.
Danielle Lux
Latest book: Claimed by the Mountain Man.
Published January 26, 2019.
Poppy Camden
Latest book: Mind Controlled by Dennis.
Published May 5, 2019.
Anna Fock
Latest book: My Stepbrother's Brutal Girlfriend.
Published April 2, 2016.
Legato Blue
Latest book: Curing My Brother's Rape Fetish.
Published December 12, 2018.
Maria Rose
Latest book: Dirty Mother: A Hot Mom Son Bundle.
Published February 3, 2019.
Baby Cakes
Latest book: Dear Diary, I Want To Fuck My Daddy!.
Published June 26, 2017.
Tonya Tart
Latest book: For Ladies Only.
Published December 27, 2017.
Caralyn Knight
Latest book: Privatstunden.
Published August 20, 2017.
Madison Laine
Latest book: The Doctor Likes it Rough.
Published March 21, 2019.
Kaye Bee
Latest book: Sexting Mom.
Published June 30, 2017.
Surely Wilder
Latest book: I Would Have Never.
Published December 29, 2017.
Mother Lover
Latest book: From Son to Daughter.
Published September 3, 2018. (2.00 from 1 review)
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