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  • Transitional Arrangements on Feb. 17, 2011

    As with all of Ann Somerville's work this story is very well written. Not her best work by any means, since it is rather short and does not get terribly detailed in its descriptions. There is a sequel (A Fresh Start) which I don't have time to read right now, but I'm sure it will flesh out the story some more. I generally don't believe in outlining a story in a review, however, Jesi, the narrator of the story is newly dead but he is a bridge, able to connect between the spirit world and his lover in the real world. In order to save the spirit world they have to stop the ‘Exalted’ from destroying the link between the worlds. The characters are interesting and I particularly enjoyed ‘Ajui’, a totally insecure flake and hit man. The story concept is totally silly, but it was a pleasant read. If you’ve read some of Ann’s work and enjoyed it, I think you’ll like this one.
  • Kei's Gift (Darshian Tales #1) on March 05, 2011

    Wow. Ann is terrific. I haven't even finished this book yet but it is wonderful. I read Ann's book 'Remastering Jerna" and was so empressed that I turned around and read it over again from the beginning. She is an amazing story teller. Highly recommended
  • Learning To Dharn on Jan. 06, 2012

    I’m not one to nitpick, however I’m going to nitpick. First of all this is a fantasy world so the reader knows nothing, and Kelten is from another country so he doesn’t know much more than we do. Dharn and Sirel are ‘in the know’ and they both think Kelten will hang for murder even though he is innocent. So, I did not give equal weight to Kelten’s opinion that he could just go back and face the music, and therefore I continued to wonder why he remained so angry. After all, Dharn saved his life. I just thought he was being stupid to want to go back and hang. Yes I know that the background showed that the people of Sed didn’t trust the police so there might have been reason to distrust their judgment. Anyway, I thought the ending had a rather simplistic conclusion. They told the truth and Kelton was free and clear; in fact he didn’t even have to appear. I also felt the event with the intruder was not well explained. All we were left with was guess work! How did we know he was the only friend seeking vengeance? Somehow the story should have explained that he was an only brother or something, and that they had positive knowledge that no one else would be coming. Maybe I’m being too judgmental here, but if I’m going to write a review I have to say something. I enjoyed this book very much and recommend it highly. I always appreciate Ann’s writing because she doesn’t overdo the sex scenes.