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Glenda Green is one of the world’s leading teachers of contemporary spirituality. Although her guidance and inspiration stem from a living spiritual relationship with Jeshua, her teachings are not directed toward the cultivation of religious doctrine. Instead, they revolve around universal truths that are uplifting and enlightening to all people of all beliefs. From poetry to science, her teachings move the reader to deep waters of understanding.

Within her body of work are some of the most complete, extensive treatments of pure science ever found in spiritual literature. World-renowned scientists have conferred with Glenda about these astounding revelations.

She has also authored The Keys of Jeshua (a best selling sequel to Love Without End); “When Heaven Touches Earth,” a treatment of Western Mysticism from the perspective of one who has helped to extend the tradition; and in the painter of the internationally acclaimed portrait of Christ, “The Lamb and The Lion.” In addition to her writing and teaching, she is also acknowledged by the nation's leading scholars, critics, and museum officials as one of the world's foremost portrait painters and spiritual artists. Her paintings are housed in major public art collections, including the Smithsonian Institution.

She has taught on the faculties of Tulane University and the University of Oklahoma. She is an exceptional public speaker in high demand. “Her warm, witty and confident manner evokes our inner certainty of a higher awareness. Glenda has a clean energetic style, and masterful comprehension of the most critical spiritual issues. Her writing and teaching offer genuine opportunities to acquire a truer, more complete, understanding of the universe and our own place in it.”

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Glenda Green
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