Garrett Frechette


Garrett Frechette, an artist in words. Thoughts are all around us, whether we put them into work or leave them floating around. I prefer to collide them together and paint them on a page with words. It’s amazing what we can do with words; I do it all the time just looking out the window. Sometimes one word can paint the picture by just looking at the scenery. We can look at people and society just the same. That’s what I do. I take the culture and society and give life on a page of words. Whether it’s what people do, what we say, or a combination there-of; thoughts can sometimes make the most beautiful paragraphs. I’m completing a Literature program at University next to me; I have won various honors for poetry and short stories, as well as my name featured for a multitude of columns and my sharing of worldly views. But at the end of the day, I do it all so that I can hang up the wonderful portrait on the wall. That thought that came to life. Enjoy it all!!!

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