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Gloria Gravitt Moulder lives in Temple Georgia, I am the daughter of Hugh Dorsey Gravitt the man who hit and fatally injured Margaret Mitchell the famous author of “Gone with the Wind” on August 11, 1949 when I was ten years old.

My entire life I felt there was much more to the incident that killed Georgia's Icon than anyone knew, and that my father refused to talk about. I took care of him the last three years of his life, and it was at that time that he asked me to promise him that I would write a book and tell his side of the Margaret Mitchell incident after his death. He insisted that he would never confront the horror he went through in 1949 again.

What he told me was so shocking and intriguing I spent the next twenty years reading, and researching everything I could find about Margaret Mitchell, and her husband John Marsh. I have finally finished the book, and hoping to get my fathers message about Margaret Mitchell's death to as many people around the world as possible.

The book is not perfect. My purpose for writing it was to keep the promise I made to my dad before he died to get his side of the incident that killed Margaret Mitchell out to the public, and most of all to clear his name. People have grown accustomed to the misinformation they have heard since the incident occurred in 1949.

Many people will never believe anything other than the original story even if they saw the evidence with their own eyes. In their heart and mind they do not want to believe any version other than what the police and media told them, because they thought it was what they wanted to hear.

My dad and our family were sacrificed to appease the public, who for whatever reason didn't want to use their god given ability to think for themselves, and search for the truth. It was easier to accept what they were told and move on.

I think you should read my book because Margaret Mitchell's family, friends, and fans deserve to know what actually happened to her from the man who was the only person other than John Marsh who knew she did not die from an accident.

The book was written after twenty years of research to verify what dad told me, and to learn for myself from legal documents, Margaret Mitchells biographer's and old newspaper accounts of what happened to her. My book is not a ficticious fairy tale, it is a factual account of the death of Margaret Mitchell.

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