Hi there and welcome to my profile. If you came here I guess you want to know a little bit about me. Well you probably read some of my reviews and that already gives you a clue that I am an avid reader.
I love books that are well written where you can get lost in the story, those are in my opinion always the best books as they take you on a journey of imagination, ideas and creation that let your mind go free and take you to new worlds and places.
The genre usually doesn't matter, but mostly I read science fiction, time travel stories, science packed in a good story (that way it is easier to understand the logic behind the science and how it works, instead of reading the sometimes boring essays about it) ah yes and historical books.
As much as I have a wide range of imagination, enjoying life as it comes and roll with the punches that it throws at me, I haven't made it to bring a book to paper. I spontaneously tell my kids stories but bringing them to paper is something I leave to others, knowing they do a stupendous job for us readers in doing so. If you are an author reading this, I salute you and thank you for bringing your imagination to paper and let us be part of it.

If I am not reading I am interested in how to give others a good time and happiness as the world sometimes can look bleak. Also oriental and far eastern spirituality is something that interests me as their underlying principles make the most sense to me in its approach toward life and what is our part in this world as long as we are living here.

Now that you read that far, thank you for reading it and it gives me the sensation I am an interesting person ;-) Anyways I wish you a good time.

Smashwords book reviews by Marcus

  • Fatal Boarding on June 27, 2011

    From the beginning to the end a very good book, E.R. Mason reminds me a little bit of Andre Norton from the way of writing. I enjoyed the book a lot and hope there will be sequel. Very recommendable!
  • Combined Edition: The Awakened Books One Through Three on July 18, 2011

    Wow, this book keeps u reading and wanting to even read faster. You simply want to inhale the story, yes it is that good. I am happy I came across it and will for sure continue reading all forthcoming books. Great job!!
  • When The Stars Walk Backwards on April 16, 2012

    Can be very well recommended. The author developed the 2 main characters very well and keeps the attention curve up quite well. A good read :) The story is about a missing colony with one survivor who lost his memory and leaves in fear of the night. Due to the arrival of new colonist and the building of a friendship he starts to remember what happened to the colony.
  • Kingdom of Lost Children: The Book of Ren on May 15, 2012

    This is a nice reading novel for younger adults and even older like to read it even though it is kind of obvious what most probably will happen. It is easy written language and the idea of the book as well interesting. Reminds you in some ideas of the Narnia books. Characters have depth which makes it good. For sure a book worthwhile to read.
  • Deep Crossing on Jan. 08, 2013

    Just finished this book and can just say wow another real good ER Mason :) I am more than glad he wrote another Adrian Tarn book and hope he keeps them coming. There is no doubt to give 5 stars as the story is well developed, full of suspense and you simply can't put it down. There are so many unexpected parts in the story that makes it even more interesting. Thank you Mr. Mason. For the record, chapter 5 and 6 repeat themselves for a couple of pages at the end of the chapters.
  • The Last Praetorian on May 07, 2013

    Just finished it and must say a real good read, the characters are well developed, the story is good and you just keep reading. So for my taste that it what makes a good book. So keep 'em coming. Still not sure who I like more, Sofia or Miranda ;) Cheers and thanks for sharing it with us
  • The Aurora City on Nov. 28, 2013

    This book is in my opinion so far the best in this series, maybe also because I love the idea of the Aurora city. Mr Mason achieves an interesting mix of suspense and spirituality this time more clear than in his books before, but still subtle to enjoy it to its fullest. The plot is that the world is imminently threatened by an alien invasion that could bring mankind to the brink of being extinct. Through a computer simulation that was recovered earlier, it is possible to prepare for this attack and save earth as we know it.
  • Shock Diamonds on Sep. 03, 2014

    Once you started reading you can't put it away. I love Mason's books, all of them, but my favorite is the Adrian Tarn series and Mason just did it again, he wrote this book full of suspense, a must read one. It is a pity that it takes so long to write a book, because reading it is over far too fast. Thanks E.R. Mason for this great book, I hope you keep them coming. Another one in the style of the Aurora city would also be nice ;). Just to the ones who are not sure about buying this book if you have read the first few Adrian Tarn books, you are in for another treat.
  • Dark Vengeance on Oct. 18, 2015

    Mr. Mason did it again, keeping me up all night to finish this book. This is another Adrian Tarn story, this time to take over command of the Electra (well known from the first story we ever read of Adrian Tarn). But the trip to the refitted Electra has already a lot of action, when Adrian and Wilson face a beast of legend. A good read, but the hint for the next big adventure is even better.
  • Demon's Well on April 21, 2016

    I just bought this book because it is written by E. R. Mason that alone has become a standard for a very good read to me. About the book, three friends want to check out a spook house only it is not spooky but has a secret that leads them into an adventure through time and they must solve the mistery of the house to get back to their own time. Personally I hope this is the first book of a new series as it has the potential for many more adventures to come.
  • Mu Arae on Aug. 16, 2016

    Mu Arae my long expected new novel by E.R. Mason finally came into my hands and I must say I hate that the waiting is so much longer than the read itself. It starts right away interesting though this time pretty straight forward compared to the previous books but it never fails to keep you reading no matter the time. I love the suspense and the idea of the book. It is of course an Adrian Tarn novel this time his assignment is to get onto a legendary comet that is supposed to have technology of a long passed civilization. When he gets there and discovers whom it belonged to and what it is capable to do, he knows that he and his long time companions need to make sure it stays out of human hands.
  • The Revelation Chronicles on Oct. 18, 2016

    This book is a good read that keeps you reading and gets better and better. Also it keeps you on cliffhanger so hipefully the next book is published soon ;) This book is about a regular student who suddenly gets confronted with his past. He is an orphan and finds out that he is not that regular after all and has abilities that are needed to keep earth as we know it safe. Together with his new found friends he finds a way to do just that. Throw in a nicely written love story you will see how much you enjoy this story
  • The Last Immortal : Book One of Seeds of a Fallen Empire on July 11, 2018

    I was looking for a new series to read and wasn't sure about this one, especially as it has good and really bad reviews. So I wanted to read it to see where it all comes from. In my opinion this is a good book and good read. It's setup isn't written as classic as many others, but this makes this book interesting. Give it a try and continue right after to book 2 and all makes even more sense.
  • The Twelve Attunements on Dec. 08, 2018

    After reading the book I wanted to leave my review as well just this time many other reviewers already covered everything. The good thing about this book it is easy to read, go for it.
  • The Threatening Sky on Dec. 08, 2018

    This book is a good read and I love the underlying principle that is presented through Marksman. I can strongly relate to that point of view and am glad that this is part of this well written story. Everyone who hasn't read an E. R. Mason book yet should start. The creativity, the easy reading the different protagonists are all coming together in an entangling story that keeps you reading from beginning to end.
  • Six Seconds on Feb. 24, 2020

    Finally a new Adrian Tarn book :-D Was already getting restless to read a new E.R. Mason book and well he delivered again. What can I say Adrian and R.J. have a bromance that totally works for me. The story is well written, Mr. Mason gets you into the story and it feels like you participate "live" with how they discover what actually is happening on earth. You have your own thoughts and you think together with the characters what might be the problem and its solution. Also love the way how he entices the concept of higher beings and ascension in a simple way that you can read it just as another part of the novel or as face value if you see it the same. Thank you again for a good read and I am very open to read even more of your stories :-)
  • To Serve the High King on Feb. 24, 2020

    Have read this book quite a while ago, but I still remember it well. If you love fantasy with a good and actual unique story, this book is for you. And expect some twists in the story.
  • Evte on June 13, 2020

    I don't remember when I got this book and the description of the content was not that enticing to read it right away, though the description is contentwise pretty good now knowing it after reading ;) BUT wow this book is superb!!! The story is well written and the main character grows strong on you. I wish I had read this book earlier and am looking forward to another book of Mrs. Tipsey. Thank you for a good read :D
  • Run For Your LIfe on July 07, 2020

    Hmm, I have some difficulties to write about this book. It is interesting, the story is, well crazy, but in a good sense. There is so much going on and even if it appears that the different characters have not much to do with each other, it all comes together in a fun way. Where I do struggle, but that is me, is the way of writing, I couldn't read it fluidly and I needed to adapt to the authors writing style first. So if you are wondering if you like this book, if you have read the 100 year old that jumped out the window and you liked it, you will like this story as well :-)
  • World, Incorporated on July 07, 2020

    Good book, liked the story which has a pretty good way of how our current future could turn out. The main character is growing on you the more you read and the end has a nice twist. The future painted here is sometimes too possible to happen, especially of what is happening at the time of writing this review. Thumbs up :-)
  • A Weapon of Magical Destruction on July 21, 2020

    I like this book, it is a good read and well written. It nicely brings magic into the world we live in, of course usually hidden from our normal human eyes ;) The story is about a girl who is grieving the loss of her mother who leaves her an inheritance into the world of magic. She stumbles into this world with no clue of what is happening and unravels slowly where she belongs though it is not easy to accept it right away for her.
  • Endurance: The Complete Series on March 09, 2021

    Had this book on my shelf for a while and just got to read it and now I know why I had it on my shelf :-) It is a good read, nice on suspense and the main characters grow on you. The unexpected twist changing the story here and there are good. I enjoyed my time reading it in a flow and recommend anyone to reading it, specially if you like scifi. AC Spahn has a good feel to developing her story and entices you to read it to the end :-) Thanks for a good story.
  • Cold Logic on April 25, 2021

    E. R. Mason is one of my most favorite authors due to his style of writing that keeps the reader and the story in flow. In his newest book up to now, he has come up with yet another good story though I hoped from how the story started that it will be more a combination of Indiana Jones and Adrian Tarn similar to the Aurora story (though that is another hero), but the story yet took a totally different corner once again :) This time Mr. Mason took on the story of androids and its potential to better and/or worsen our society showing us that yes it can be for the good, but that we as humans are playing a very dangerous game with it. Though this notion is nothing new and we have seen many movies or read books about it, Mr. Mason entices his story in an action loaded Adrian Tarn style way which is easy to read and still gives you those moments to think of what is a thought dilemma in ethic discussions about A.I. :) Thank you Mr. Mason for another good book. Now I go into a waiting stance in hope for a new story and thank you for your vivid creation of ideas and stories.
  • Jason Wade Thriller Trilogy on July 15, 2021

    I bought this book because the story sounded interesting and I wanted to read something different. Honestly, I hardly could have made a better choice. I like the way it is written, the character, especially the main, is well defined. The stories always start with a murder, what I like is that you get a flash of what has happened but despite it no information as to the why and together with Jason, the main character, you start to get enveloped into the story deeply. Liked all 3 books here a lot and can recommend it to anyone who likes thrillers. Thanks for those good books and I will see other series :)
  • Deep Space Ocean on July 19, 2021

    This book leaves me puzzled in so many senses. Knowing it was written by a woman this book reads like a (male) scifi porn and I surely wasn't expecting this and this alone let down the whole story. Everyone is having sex and all everyone seems to think of is again sex, specially men in this story they seem to have nothing else on their mind. That alone destroys most of the story which could have been good. The story has the interesting elements in there but maybe 1/3 of the book is story. The aliens are the most decent people in the whole book and if all others characters were developed more in their sense, this would be a great story. Probably if I have known that it is more porn than anything I wouldn't have picked it up. BUT if someone likes that, you have a scifi (soft) porn at your hand and then for that genre, I guess it is well written.
  • Starship Dawn on Oct. 11, 2021

    What can I say, I enjoyed the book, a lot. It is somehow completely different to the other books written by E.R. Mason, yet again very captivating. Imagine reading a book about work routine with a few hiccups, usually a pretty boring endeavor. Now imagine this routine being interesting and turn paging, then you have a trip to the Mars. Mr. Mason describes a trip to the Mars how it most probably will take place in the not so far future, with "hiccups" that are quite possible and how to deal with them. He then entices this story with again something that is a big possibility when we arrive on Mars. I enjoyed this book a lot, I just wished the end wasn't so abrupt as it ends with the conclusion, but then again it leaves space for another book :) Are you wondering if you should read this book? Have you read another E.R. Mason already? Then that shouldn't be a question, yes of course read it :)
  • Tirumalai Jain on Dec. 22, 2021

    This book is a bit different then I expected, but I liked it and can recommend it to everyone :) As to the content, it certainly has the vibes of an Adrian Tarn book and E.R. Mason tries something new and sets it into a wild west setup which worked quite good. But the way to get to this point, the author took the liberty to use very obvious coincidences to move the story forward. Though once getting to the main part of the book with the wild west background it becomes the good usual Adrian and RJ way. I would have liked the Fantasia character to be with more depth from the beginning which to the end of the book she starts to get. Despite what I just wrote, I liked this book a lot and with the philosophical ending of Rj's thoughts it ends on a perfect note :) Thank you again Mr. Mason for giving us readers new adventures to enjoy :)
  • Confidence Game on March 29, 2022

    Enjoyed the book a lot :) This is a standalone book so far, not sure if more are planned in the future. Didn't know what to expect as I didn't fully read the content, so I needed a moment to understand the "endgame" but I believe that is wanted like this. The main character starts to grow on you the longer you read. All in all, a good story :) Thanks for a good book, will read a few more of the author :)
  • The Vostok Juncture on May 31, 2023

    Just read the book and liked it. Well paced, good story and easy to read. All a good book needs ;)
  • The Mandate of Heaven on July 08, 2023

    I just realized I never left a review to any of his novels, despite having them devoured. A definite must read 🙂
  • Atlantis Legacy: Volume 1 on Aug. 20, 2023

    Loved this compilation! I enjoyed reading all three books in it and liked that every book was with a different topic that gives us, the reader, new aspects of the story. By the way of writing the book is probably targeted for Teens and Twens, but I enjoyed it being older anyways as it is well written 🙂 Looking forward to the next compendium 🙂
  • Donut Lady Cozy Mysteries Books 1 - 3 on May 14, 2024

    I am super puzzled by these books here, in a good way for sure. Seeing that is named a COZY mystery book actually describes it very well. In every book there is a crime and it will be solved. The way Ms Barrett writes it, the crime is somehow a secondary part, as she so nicely puts a community of different people in the foreground that support each other in a most and heartwarming way that is difficult to describe but it soothes you and your mind a positive way. It is great and puzzling at the same time. So I definitely enjoyed reading her books and recommend them to anyone who likes light-breezed stories, donuts and to people who need a positive view on mankind. And yes I am writing this with a twinkle in my eyes ;)