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  • Hostile Takeover on Oct. 03, 2018

    My favorite type of possessions are the ones that involve the the original owner of the body forcibly feeling everything the possessor does. M Wills hits the nail on the head why these body theft stories are both sexually thrilling and a great plot narrative. Would love to see more like this one, Ghosted and Stolen are also recommended.
  • Role of a Lifetime on Dec. 06, 2021

    Great story with a simple but interesting body possession mechanic. If you're into forced possession where the victim experiences everything whilst under possession, it's right up your alley. Very hot, degrading and very well written.
  • How I Became a Hopper on Dec. 06, 2021

    A fun and hot body hopper story. Though it's not their best, M Wills never disappoints with the erotic language used to describe the feelings the hopper experiences when mounting their victim.
  • Closer and Closer on Dec. 06, 2021

    A great possession story with a "copy/paste mind" twist that allows a single person to control more than one person. The mother/step daughter dynamic used gave the already hot premise a spicy taboo twist. Definitely recommend.
  • Change of Plans on Feb. 18, 2022

    Really enjoyed this one. Body theft is a favorite of mine, but then you add the additional element that these girls think it's all their doing and it makes all the more hotter. A personal favorite, definitely recommend.