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  • Vampire Park on Aug. 07, 2011
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    Vampire Park delves into the deep psyche of addiction not just of drugs.It permeates into the soul of the two main characters Rick and Joe B. These are two young men who have everything going for them or at least it seemed that way. They both have been challenged in life in different ways and now Rick receives this familiar coded message from Joe B. that brings back unpleasant and horrific memories. The last time the two of them were together it had been catastrophic for both young men and the question that now lies heavily in Rick's heart is what could this mean? They meet and something is strangely different but not in a bad sense,it is a cleansing of the spirit, heart and soul for both young men. This story is alive with the thing that scares most of us to death the truth about ourselves.The journey the characters take is a reshaping of who they are and what they had allowed themselves to become and the reflection of their personal truths. There is a new challenge in store for both Rick and Joe B. Are they ready fot it? Or is it waiting for them? dormant ready to ressurect it's ugliness in their lives. Time is the measure that will be revealed to both men when they interact and confront their past demons.Mr.Batista's story is fast-paced, hard-hitting,STRAIGHT!NO CHASER!!! It happens to way too many young people where they have chose to live their lives figurtively in darkness just like vampires. Mr.Batista's honest potrayal of his characters resonates with a brutal reality of what happens when we make the choices in our lives that indelibly changes our lives forever. It is a book that you won't want to put down because Mr. Batista just keeps coming at you. Will the means justify the end? read the story and you tell me!
  • Vampire Park on Aug. 07, 2011

    This story is highly recommended, it opens the door of relationships fueled by addiction and what it takes to get back on track with a meaningful life and the pain that goes with growing mature and learning your "real" self!!!
  • Carmela's Dream on June 19, 2013

    This story is a poignant one and sad.It reminded me of an incident that occurred to me in my life while attending college and the end result was the same. When our youth believe that in order to have a "good time" it requires from them to experiment with chemicals that they have no idea what the final result will be.It has been a pattern that the belief is that a drug will enhance your "party experience".The protagonist as such Carmela only wanted to have a good time but at what cost. The author, Mr.Batista spins a tale of expectation and hope but shrouded in root deepened insecurity that manifest into a lifetime of horror rather than a life of great promise. our children take chances without realizing the ramifications of their actions.This is truly a cautionary tale that being who you really are and being comfortable in your own "skin" is the protection from all the ancillary 'traps" that are thrust at our children.