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G. M. (Gina Marie) is married, has two grown children, a Schnauzer and a white cat that sheds on everything. She loves to cook, bake and read. Gina is a cynic hiding in a happy go-lucky woman’s body. She is most definitely not a morning person.

Smashwords Interview

Why do your write dark fiction?
Life isn't always sweet and happy. It seems as though one of the main things I hear at writing seminars, and in conversations with other writers, is to not write about happy people in the happy village. So I don't. I like to get down to the dark side of human behavior. I find the criminal mind intriguing, and I think there is potential anger in all of us. Anger, greed, lust, jealousy...all of those deadly sins and more make for conflict, and conflict makes a good story.
Who do you think your audience is?
People who like to read suspense, thrillers, and a little horror here and there. I like meat in my stories and a strong plot line. So, people who like happy ending books and romance novels may not enjoy what I write.
But, if you like a little grit and aren't afraid of the dark, then I'm your gal. I like to dive into difficult situations and see where they go. Sometimes, it's just darker before the dawn, that's all.
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