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Candida Slater joined the British Diplomatic Service on leaving university. She attended the General Assembly of the United Nations and various UN conferences as a member of the British delegation. She was a member of the team which negotiated Britain’s entry into the EU. She married a fellow diplomat, Duncan Slater and resigned when he was posted to Brussels. She was a diplomatic wife for twenty years, with postings in Brussels, Vienna, Nigeria, Oman and Malaysia. After her husband died, she rejoined the Foreign Office and served for another four years. In 2008, she published ‘Good Manners and Bad Behaviour – the Unofficial Rules of Diplomacy’, which was included in David Cameron’s summer reading list for MPs as a key, and very funny, insight into the workings of diplomacy. She is now editor of online magazine, Global Newsbox (, which encourages the arts and creative writing, and carries stories, reviews and poems contributed by readers and the editorial team. GNB are also publishers under the imprint GNB Publications. She has three children.

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