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I have been researching magnetic fields for more than 40 years and have invented devices that improve health and wellness, (, and upcoming is a water and gasline attachment to pipes that improves whatever runs through them, water, or gas mileage and power inhancement of internal combustion engines, both gas and diesel. I have written three books about Vortexes...the kind tourists find along America's highways and byways. Currently I'm affiliated with the, Montana Vortex near Glacier National Park in Montana. In the last six years we have improved this roadside attraction to make it the best of at least nine others in the USA, even better than the famous and oldest attraction, The Oregon Vortex, with which I also have some history. Some think I have even solved the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. Make up your own mind.

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  • The Theory Of XY - Wake up before the 8th Coming! on Jan. 20, 2011

    I enjoyed reading this book and how author Donldson's interpratation of the XX/XY knowledge affects our very reality. I'm a magnet researcher and this book helped me solidify a theory that magnets exhibit gender bias regarding their polarity. I have long suspected, that positive (S) polarity is "female", XX, and negative (N)is "male", XY. More than just human chromesones the idea of opposites attracting and likes repelling spills out of the Universe in many guises. Inadvertently, the author revealed the answer that allowed my suspicion to collapse into fact. Thanks, Lamech. Nick Nelson, The Golden Vortex