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My name is Lucy Greenly. I am an ordinary woman with an extraordinary story to share. I am not a celebrity, hero or martyr, but my autobiography contains narrative that will incite emotion within any reader.

My personal story is unique because my abusive ex-husband successfully solicited the help of a government agency to abuse me. Through a peculiar succession of events, life threw me into confusion and turmoil. I am not fond of cliches but the past three years have been ‘Stranger than fiction. If not for the fact that I can still "Google" myself and read a portion of my story in the news media, I would not believe a civilised government could be so unreasonable.

I feel I must share my story. I have survived and triumphed in situations that would have broken the average person. Because the subject matter is so important, I tell my story in a passionate manner, which incorporates humour and gravity alike. I prefer to use a pseudonym and have changed all the geographic and personal names. I did not write the book to embarrass or humiliate any person or government agency. My aim is to entertain, and inform and inspire the reader.

I am willing to open myself to criticism and share my flaws and mistakes with great honesty at the risk of enduring scrutiny and embarrassment. I do this for the sake of helping others. There are injustices within our modern legal system that I am willing to highlight and fight to remedy. I have fought and won many such battles so have laid the groundwork upon which we can make changes.

My story spans thirteen years and includes these struggles and my survival tactics. I began chronicling at the point in my life when I met my abuser/husband and ended after I won the battle against him and the UK's Home Office.
Although the subject is of a serious nature, my story unfolds in an entertaining fashion. The irony of my personal trials makes for a thought provoking debate regarding the tragedy of
I do hope you are interested in reviewing my autobiography.

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Freeing the Finch
Price: $2.50 USD. Words: 89,980. Language: Commonwealth English. Published: July 23, 2012. Categories: Nonfiction » Relationships and Family » Abuse / domestic partner abuse, Nonfiction » Law » Emigration & Immigration
Lucy Greenly is an ordinary woman with an extraordinary story. She is not a celebrity, hero or martyr, but her autobiography contains narrative that will incite emotion within any reader. Read this heroic tale of one woman's struggle to escape domestic abuse and government entanglement.

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