Steven Nussbaum


"Golf Swing Solution" represents a breakthrough in golf swing instruction because it is the first form of golf swing instruction that presents the "foundation" of each golf swing - full golf swing, sand shot, putting, and chipping that must be in place before all other forms of conventional golf swing instruction can succeed.

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Tension-Release Golf Swing
The premsie of the "Tension-Release Golf Swing" is that "conventional golf swing instruction is presented backwards- or from the bottom up, versus from the top down." Only after you understand what the golf swing is trying to accomplish from a big picture, science and physics foundation, can you then move forward and process how individual pieces of conventional golf instruction piece together relative to the big picture context of what the golf swing is all about.

Balance Putting Method
After applying "Balance Putting Principles," I went from an average putter to a very good putter practically overnight. I have taught the B-P putting approach to many, many golfers who have also turned their putting stroke around almost instantly...


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