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Cyndi Goodgame writes at home with her husband and daughter and a peace of mind in a quiet part of the country away from Dallas life, her home of twenty-seven years.
Her first novel, Deception of the Fey Court Trilogy, released in Summer 2012. Check out her other series and various titles here on Smashwords.

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What book marketing techniques have been most effective for you?
Twitter is a writer's best friend in the marketing world. I tweet out daily and gain followers just as fast. I love sharing my work with readers and other writers across the globe at the touch of my fingertips.
Describe your desk
Ha! My desk is my sofa with my feet propped and my coffee to the left. I can't live without my mini-laptop that lives in my lap or purse. And don't forget the double set of thumb drives with all copies of my books for back-up.
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  • Unhinged on April 29, 2013

    Super, super awesome. I couldn't put it down last night. (Up to dang late reading it) Hadrain had me from the get go. I was hooked on rooting for Mr. Bad Boy and all his bad traits. He was lonely...poor, poor Hadrian. I have to many favorite lines from the story to quote and honestly, I didn't want to stop reading to make note of them. Overall, I loved the book and really looking forward to more from T. Avery.
  • Prince of Wolves, Book 1 The Grey Wolves Series on Dec. 01, 2013

    One of my favorite series!
  • The Mind Readers, Book 1 on March 05, 2014

    Loved the series.
  • The Secret Wolf (Book One in the Tree Top Wolves Series) on March 22, 2014

    Cute book. Fast read. If you love werewolves, it is great. A few errors, but easy to overlook.
  • Forget Me Not (Book Two in the Tree Top Wolves Series) on March 22, 2014

    Once again, good read. There are not many werewolf books I don't like. I am a bit obsessive in that department.
  • The Last Light on April 02, 2014

    Great story. Great potential to go on to a book two. A few editing issues to clean up here and there, but overall a great read. In my other MANY lives, I am a fairy queen. :)
  • Crush on July 03, 2014

    It was your stereotypical vampire novel. It was repetitive. But I still loved it. Your were hanging till the very end with what he was wether you knew yet or not. Great story line. Needs some clean up, but fabulous plot.
  • Castaway - Book 1 in The Trapped in the Hollow Earth Novelette Series on Feb. 23, 2015

    Cute and sassy. Fun for the romance lover who loves young, indecisive love that is still trying to figure things out in the world. I love the stranded island concept and like many, have fantasized what it would be like.
  • The Vampire Across the Hall on Feb. 23, 2015

    Quick read. Many grammar errors, but story flowed. Didn't twist they way I thought it would. Good ending.