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Smashwords book reviews by Gosia

  • Maggie’s Milkman on March 01, 2014

    A small Welsh mining town lives in the shadow of big changes that are going to be introduced by Maggie Thatcher. Wives run their homes while their macho husbands take them for granted and go to work everyday. Mal, a young handsome man, can be one of very few bright stars on the dark sky of everyday routine and tiredness with life. He, on the other hand, makes his journey of discovery of himself to suddenly find out that his views and ideas may ruin his well organized world... The novel is full of humour, intelligence and wry observation of the life of Welsh miners and their families. You will find here all shades of human emotions and eroticism as well as refresh your knowledge of why Maggie Thatcher was loved by some and hated by others. I fell in love with the novel - once started just couldn't put it down!
  • Coffee Time Stories on April 06, 2014

    Why not forget about the whole world over a cup of coffee and immerse into the lives of the whole range of fascinating chracters depicted in these cute, humorous, poetic, intriguing, unexpected and moving stories. Why not turn into a dreamer for five or twenty minutes like this character from one of the stories: "Tonight in the rain it was special, the warm rain on my skin, the lightning and then the touch of flesh on my shoulder. For a second my heart sunk, I’d been caught in the act of being myself, I turned around expecting to see a policeman standing over me, but no it wasn’t a policeman but a beautiful woman who was also as naked as the day she was born, enjoying the rain on her skin and the thrill of finding someone else who dealt with their sleepless nights with naked walks." Coffee Time Stories are definitely worth diving into!
  • Extraordinary Rendition on Aug. 06, 2015

    That was the best choice of book to take with me on holiday: a blend of intelligent comedy and compelling drama with great story line and the author’s “tongue in the cheek” style. So gripping was the story of Daniel and Jana that I couldn’t put the novel down, but it also made me think about modern males, females, the behaviours in cyber and real life, relationships, and… today’s governments. All in all, great entertainment plus some food for thought!