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  • Earth's Survivors Settlement Earth: Book One on Sep. 24, 2013

    I found this book to be an interesting take on the classic biblical end of the world story, sort of a cross between Stephen Kings "The Stand" and the book of Revelation. My enjoyment of what is a good story was spoiled by the quality of the actual writing, The book contains numerous spelling and grammar mistakes as well as improper use of words. There is even an entire chapter which is repeated within the book. The writer is undoubtedly a talented story teller but like so many other writers found on smashwords falls down on the quality of the actual writing. There seems to be some reluctance on the part of many smashwords writers to have their writing properly proofread and edited and it appears that this writer is one of these, Once again I would like to stress that this writer is a talented storyteller but due to the actual quality if the writing I am not prepared to pay for any further stories within this series until I can be convinced that proper editing and proof reading has been carried out.
  • Snatchers (A Novel About The Zombie Apocalypse) on Aug. 26, 2014

    Well I have read both books one and two now, and have to say that the story, the settings and the characters are great. This could be a really great series if you're into post-apocolyptic zombie survival stories. As with almost all Zombie stories the "science" behind how zombies might be able to keep moving with missing body parts, never mind how they might come about in the first place is non-existent. If you can get past this not so minor hurdle then fine this series of books has some promise... apart from one thing. The spelling, grammar and sentence structure is appalling. These books badly need the tender mercies of a decent editor. I feel like I'm banging my head against a brick wall each and every time I write a review on smashwords as every time I have to fault potentially great books on basic stuff like spelling and grammar. Many writers seem to be under the impression that it doesn't matter, well it does matter and it matters a lot. Poor spelling and grammar can render the most brilliant story almost unreadable. I and most other people read because we enjoy it, there is no enjoyment in having to read a sentence or paragraph over again whilst trying to decipher what the writer means. To be fair I know everyone makes mistakes, and professional proofreading/editing can be expensive, however if a writer truly wants to be taken seriously then this is an issue that needs to be addressed. I myself would certainly be willing to act as a proofreader/editor to writers providing free material for no fee and I feel sure that there are others who use Smashwords who would be willing to do the same. Perhaps Smashwords could field a directory of volunteer editors similar to their directory of those who undertake e-book formatting? So to reiterate good story, great characterisation but let down by the quality of the writing, if you can live with this then you will enjoy this book and those which follow.
  • The Scrolls of Xavier (Science Fiction/Adventure) (Xavier Series Book 1) on Feb. 22, 2015

    I enjoyed the characters and plot of this book even if there were some issues with the science/engineering used in the storyline. Where the book fails miserably however is in the actual language used. There are major problems with both spelling and grammar, incomplete sentences, words used wrongly showing the writer has no understanding of their meaning and poor sentence structure. If this author ever wants to be taken seriously he either needs a good editor or needs to spend time studying the principles of basic English language. The author has great promise as a storyteller, he has the imagination and ability to create a believable world and characters, but is let down by his ability in using the correct written language to convey these things to his readers. I will be interested to see if the author takes steps to address these issues, if he does then I will certainly be reading more of his books however I am not prepared to pay for what is currently a defective product.