Nikki Vanderhoof

Smashwords book reviews by Nikki Vanderhoof

  • Coming in Costume on Dec. 29, 2015

    Surprised by how much I liked this considering I don't usually enjoy m/m/f combos. The relationship between the 3 MC's is very steamy and I didn't feel like there was too heavy an emphasis on any one side of the triangle. This is a super short read so you could definitely read it easily one night in front of the fire or on a break. However, I wouldn't recommend reading this at work because it's very hot and sexy and I can almost guarantee you'd rather be by yourself so as to be able to fully appreciate the kink of this story. There's some great cos-play and role-playing, as well as some light BDSM (mostly of the spanking variety).
  • A Contract for Christmas on Feb. 05, 2016

    This is a follow up story to Lisabet's other work featuring Greg, Isabella, and James, Coming in Costume. I really enjoyed the menage story between these three in that story so I was very excited to read this one as well. Unfortunately I didn't enjoy this one quite as much as I felt like some of the character reactions were out of place and didn't feel realistic. (view spoiler) I just think being that James is a Dom and is best friends with Greg, he would understand Bella's reluctance and would actually support the fact that she's being a good sub. Once the drama is out of the way there is some seriously hot scenes, which doesn't surprise me because Lisabet sure as hell knows how to write a steamy and sexy scene. Overall I did enjoy this read and I would love to read more about their menage adventures. I just felt like communication and behaviors of the characters didn't fully hold up to who they've been represented to be so I had to reflect that in my star rating. I will definitely continue to read the stories that Lisabet does around these characters and would recommend them to erotica readers. Definitely start with Coming in Costume first as they do happen in chronological order and the events of A Contract for Christmas will fit into their story better than if you read about them in this one first, before reading CiC.