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Smashwords book reviews by David

  • Kingdoms Of The Night on April 19, 2011

    OK. I liked the first book, "The Far Kingdoms", enough to read it a couple of times over the years. "The Warrior's Tale" wasn't bad also (good rolicking read). All of these are kind of epic-voyage-explorer fantasy books. This wasn't as good as the original Almaric book, but it was similiar in concept/content/feel. Start with the far kingdoms. BTW: there are several typos and from what I can tell they are universal across versions (google books has the same typos). If someone wants to correct them, they are at these pages: 59 - missing dash - "was bringing his sword - a great two-handed blade up over his head...bedding itself (should be embedding itself...I think?) 63 - missing dash after "that would've made even more tongues wag" 169 - double colon..."instead of the expected: exlamation of:" 267 - Children you listen (missing italics, centering) 276 comma should be ? - "Are there any spells you could attempt," 343 "At firs I didn't see" should be "first" Decent read, nice finishing up of the Far Kingdoms story. Typos need correction though!