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Greg Didaleusky graduated from Wayne State University with a BS Secondary Education in Unified Science and a minor in English. He taught Middle School in Detroit. He then graduated with a Physician Assistant Degree from University of Detroit-Mercy. He has practiced in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Florida. He has written six medical mystery/thriller novels: Frozen Death, Sudden Blindness, Strange Appearance, Strange, and Whispers Before Death (Book One-Death Agents).Deadly Seizures (Book Two-Death Agents). All the novels are published by Rogue Phoenix Press. The Strange Horizon, a collage of short stories also published by Rogue Phoenix Press.

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What are you working on next?
I have completed my Fifth novel STRANGE, a mystery\science fiction novel takes place in Ocala, Florida 2020
How do you discover the ebooks you read?
Through Rogue Phoenix Press web site whom suggested Smashwords web page.
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Smashwords book reviews by G.l. Didaleusky

  • Borrowing a Moose Head from Cole Porter on July 03, 2018
    (no rating)
    Borrowing a Moose Head from Cole Porter is told in first-person narration, which makes the story more realistic, as if you’re standing next to the main protagonist, Jack Wells. Jack’s wife, Kathy or Sarge as she’s called had lived in all parts of the world due to her United States Air Force assignments. The story takes Jack and his family, including their teenage son, Mitch, to Kathy’s newest assignment at Grissom Air Force Base near Peru, Indiana. The trial and tribulations of Jack and Mitch creates the catalysts to this fast-moving modern-day adventure. There is turmoil mixed with humor, anger, romantic feelings, and satire propelling you to a surprising, unpredicted ending that expels your emotions to “Oh, my God!” G. Lloyd Helms has written a very memorable story with characters that are genuine and believable. I’ve read other novels by Helms, and I add this one to the top of the list. Five Stars *****
  • Imago on Dec. 06, 2019

    Greg Belliveau's science fiction novel IMAGO captures your interest from the first pages regarding the "The Event," a mysterious and cataclysmic event occurring four hundred years ago destroying the city of Cogstin, the cultural center of the world. Christopher Dante, Uncle Hal, his legal custodian and Max work for Universal Salvage Company. Their job is to venture into Cogstin to salvage metal, piping and wooden planks under the watchful eye of Agent Smiley of the NRM Bureau of Corrections, Dante's parole officer. Christopher is haunted by a continuous vision of a glassed-in room and a white cushioned chaise lounge and the repeated inner voice saying: Sing to me, oh muse. There is a secret shadowing our main protagonist, Christopher Dante, as he questions the true role of the antagonist Imago and the image of a butterfly. Both seem to play a significant aspect of his past and future. The problem is Dante hasn't any answers to these two questions. His quest for the truth takes him to the forbidden Sector 17 of Cogstin. Will the truth liberate Dante, or will it destroy him? As a mystery/suspense/thriller author, I recommend IMAGO to readers looking for a well-written, science fiction novel touching the genres of mystery, suspense, adventure and an unexpected climax that answers Dante's questions, along with what his inner voice and visions mean.
  • Lost and Found in a New World on Oct. 15, 2021

    Lost and Found In A New World (The New World Book Four) by Sherry Derr-Wille continues the adventure into the beginning of the twenty-first century. Peter Simes is born out of wedlock by his mother, Rita Simes. His biological father Drake Nevins has nothing to do with Peter for the first three years of his young life. Then, his father shows up and kidnaps his son, Peter. Peter is sold for thirty thousand dollars and taken to Henderson Ranch where an unscrupulous, evil couple controls a large group of boys from toddlers to eighteen-year-old boys. Drake Nevins, who’s real name is Quinton Solomon, Jr. is accused of killing an associate, Delos Reynolds and Drake’s father Quinton Solomon Sr. Drake changes his appearance and name then disappears. When the boys at Henderson Ranch reach eighteen years old they’re placed in various evil, clandestine groups or ranches. Peter is sent to a ranch near Mexico City and becomes the property of Senor Alfonso. The characters are memorable especially Peter, the books main protagonist. He’s put through trials and tribulations that will either make him a man or descend him into the bowels of despair and destruction. A must read for readers looking for a futuristic novel filled with drama, suspense, and a touch of science fiction.
  • Unknown World on June 10, 2022

    Unknown World by Sherry Derr-Wille is a time travel novel about Anthony (Tony) Montgomery, a twenty-three-year-old recent college graduate in1990 who travels by car from Savannah, Georgia to Minter, Wisconsin to meet his true father, Cam Rogers. He awakens the next morning after stopping to sleep inside his vehicle at the side of a road thirty-one years later. He had only aged one day. How will he cope in this unknown world? Our protagonist must face relatives who are now thirty-one years older than him and people who weren’t born before he went to sleep last night. His trial and tribulations of events and people propel him to a climatic ending. It’s a well-written novel with memorable characters. Reviewed by G.L.Didaleusky, author of medical thrillers/suspense/mystery novels.
  • Banana Flower on June 18, 2022
    (no rating)
    Banana Flower by Robert V. Wadden, Jr. is a novel filled with mystery, suspense, assassinations. and deceptions. When a FBI agent, Chandler Diaz, is killed, assassination-style, a retired FBI agent, Eric VanDerlies, and a NYPD detective, Becky Haden together investigate the death of Agent Diaz. The suspect is a tall blonde about five foot seven inches with a great figure and large blue eyes. VanDerlies and Haden travel to various locations in the United States and Central America. Can a nefarious trail of deaths lead them to the capture of the elusive assassin? A well-written novel with memorable characters. Once you start reading, it’s hard to put the novel down until after the climatic ending. Reviewed by G. L. Didaleusky, author of medical thrillers.
  • Sayo on July 13, 2022
    (no rating)
    Sayo (The Secrets Book 1) by Sherrie Derr-Wiley about a young protagonist called Sayo becoming a high priest and the spiritual leader of a small community in a primitive world where One God ruled the world. There aren’t any weapons other than primitive weapons such as knives. Transportation was by canoes. There weren’t any calendars or written language. A simple life. Forbidden love, sacrifices, and secrets possess this small community. A well-written novel with a compassionate view of mortality. I look forward to reading the next book of The Secrets. Reviewed by G. L. Didaleusky, author of medical mysteries/thrillers.
  • Round Tree on Sep. 15, 2022
    (no rating)
    The novel Round Tree by Sherry Derr-Wille continues the saga of The Secrets in book 2. The story takes the reader to Havelin College in 2009 where anthropology professor, Jocelyn Grant (Jaycee) encounters a visiting lecturer Dr. Evan Clark, an anthropologist, who’s the head of an archaeological dig for the past four years of an ancient, unknown settlement in the United States. She volunteers to work at the archaeological site during the summer. Besides her generous monetary donation toward the financial faltering expedition, Jaycee begins to experience visions along with hearing voices of an unknown entity once she arrives at the archaeological excavation site. Amorous feelings arouses between Evan and Jaycee. Will this mysterious, unknown voice in her head and flashes of strange visions unlock the truth of this ancient settlement, or will she enter a nefarious state of mind destroying her and the people around her? The novel propels you to an unexpected climatic ending. Reviewed by G. L. Didaleusky, author of medical mystery/thriller novels.