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I noted the inaccuracies of this bio from a decade ago and decided to update things a bit. I currently work on the Orion Crew Exploration Vehicle, part of the Constellation Project. I have been writing fiction since I could write, and my first story was entitled "Death of a Murderer" It was a nice little mystery story, sort of a child's version of a Sherlock Holmes mystery.

At one point I convinced myself I would make a good mayor for the first lunar colony. My thoughts frequently reflect forward on the future and its possibilities. With my God given vivid imagination, I create worlds where future events can go horribly awry with only minimal effect on other peoples' reality. (I have to tell the story.) Sometimes these occur in dreams, and my best story ideas come from there. This linkage of qualities might in some way explain my homepage, with extensions off into each of the areas previously mentioned.

I collapse my probability distribution almost every day in Phoenix, and my wave form can be traced to Colorado as a point of entry to this part of existence, initiating more than 32 standard earth years ago. I received various forms of instruction from the staff at BYU.

I desire to spread my stories to as many people as possible. I have reasoned that the best way to realize this desire is to publish the stories myself.

Desires of relaxation are fulfilled though the enjoyment of They Might Be Giants, Star Wars, and many various fictional authors including Terry Brooks, Robert Jordan, Orson Scott Card, Isaac Asimov, Sir Arthur C. Clarke, C.J. Cherryh, Lois McMaster Bujold, and Roger Zelazny, to name a few. None of these forms of relaxation fulfill my desire to write, though they do contribute to my abilities. Thusly, I make every reasonable effort to write every day. I hope someday my name will be on a list similar to the one on the second line of this arbitrary spacing format.

Past experience has told me there are some of you out there who might wish to contact me, either for full story versions, or to complain about the complexity of this page. If you are one of these people, simply e-mail me at: david@grendelmen.com

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