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Alice Griffin’s hunger for adventure started at a young age and was fuelled by her parent’s love of unorthodox travel and evenings spent with the family atlas being tested on names of countries and cities around the globe. She was keen to move on from imaginary trips and at age 23 her dreams came true when she embarked on a six-month stint in Japan. Instead of satisfying her desires this experience simply fired her passion, and she has spent the ten years since exploring the world, both as a tourist and as a travel writer for a UK-based tourist guide.
Eventually love and marriage came along and when pregnant with her first child Alice began to wonder if the rumours were true: that her days of independent travel were now over. As she pondered the idea of a life without the exciting and spontaneous travel she had always enjoyed, she quickly realised that this was not entirely suited to her normally free-spirited self and decided to keep travelling anyway, with daughter Isabella firmly strapped to her chest.
Alice has written travel articles and appeared in various publications both online and in print including: Babyworld, Spain magazine, Real Travel, Living Abroad and Dogs Today. In addition she writes a family travel column for US-based website, Twittermoms, the Women Zone column for the Spanish Sun newspaper and the Travel Sense section for Mumsense, a new family lifestyle magazine. She loves to share with others her passion for the world and in particular, show fellow parents that travel with a baby need not be as daunting or as stressful as some might think!

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