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I was born into the age of manned space flight and watched as a small child when Man took their first steps on the moon. Of course I wanted to be an astronaut and at the time that meant joining the Air Force to become a pilot first. Back in those days, before the miracle of corrective eye surgery, one had to have perfect eyesight. I didn’t so my plans had to change. Instead I went to college and became an Aeronautical Engineer.

Life has a way of determining our future, regardless of our own plans, and it turned out my talent was software. Computational fluid dynamics requires one to be proficient in programming and I was. I was so good at this that for the majority of my career I have worked as a Software Engineer. I started working in flight simulation and being able to play with multi-million dollar toys used to train our military fighter jocks was a blast. Eventually I specialized in the interfaces between hardware and software. We are a small group in the industry compared to other fields in the software industry and we are usually in high demand.

It’s been a rewarding career for the most part but now I have taken a break from all of that to write. Will this be my second career? I can’t say for sure but I enjoy writing and if people enjoy my work then maybe life will take me in that direction.

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