Luca Veste


Luca Veste is a Husband and Father foremost. A mature student studying Criminology and Psychology, he turned to writing a short time ago, after the success of his book review site 'Guilty Conscience'.

Born in 1983 in Merseyside, to an Italian father and English mother, he was always either watching his beloved football team play, or found with his head in a book as a child. After a troubled teenage life, he worked for the government for six years. After leaving this job, he returned to education, becoming a mature student.

He started his own book review and interview blog, called Guilty Conscience, in June 2011. He has interviewed writers of the calibre of Linwood Barclay, Steve Mosby, Sean Cregan, Nick Quantrill, Ray Banks, Helen Fitzgerald, Neil White and Chris Ewan.

A former actor, singer and guitarist, he now divides his time between home life, Uni work and writing.

His first short story collection 'Liverpool 5' comprises of Five short stories, each based in and around Liverpool.

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