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Michael M. Alvarez wrote and published several fiction books for the Tucson Adult Literacy Volunteers, an organization created for the education of adult illiteracy. His books are still in use by TALV in the United States and Canada.

His award-winning short story, “The Human Element,” was included in the 1994 anthology, Computer Legends, Lies and Lore.

Mr. Alvarez serves on the writing faculty of Pima Community College, where he teaches writing classes. He has written and published numerous poems, short stories, and articles on writing during his thirty years as a freelance writer.

He is a member of the Arizona Mystery Writers and the Society of Southwestern Authors. He lives in Tucson, Arizona, with his wife and two daughters.

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Smashwords book reviews by Mike Alvarez

  • Six Years in May: Thirteen Stories from a Very Odd Mind on May 30, 2011
    (no rating)
    In Harvey Stanbrough's collection titled Six Years in May: Thirteen Tales from a Very Odd Mind, we are treated to stories that mirror our own life experiences. In "On Bullies and Gods," we are privy to a conversation with God. Then it gets really weird after that. In "The Oldest Debt," we are witness to the suffering and grief of an old man, Rafael Cordones, whose wife is dying. And only he knows the truth, which he clutches closely in his mind, until the story's ultimate tragic end. The heartbreaking tragedy of a young boy's death juxtaposed with Russian President Boris Yeltsin's brush with a deadly sniper is deftly explored in "Crushin' Bugs." Stanbrough's precise prose illustrates the fragility of life as brothers experience the accidental death of a childhood friend. Stanbrough's stories are enjoyable, thought-provoking sojourns into the human condition. These yarns are a great way to spend an afternoon, exploring the elements that make us human. Michael M. Alvarez, author of The Last Place God Made and Deliver Us From Evil.