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  • The Night Walk Men on Sep. 18, 2012

    I listened to the audio even though the author was kind enough to offer both the book for download as well as the audio. I was curious to hear vs read this time. The voice (not sure if this is the author himself or someone else but the reading is awesome. Very eerie and my favorite part which made me jump for some reason was the opening in part 1 where he says "More people die when it's raining" I often wondered about that but hearing it while "just" talking about weather was a great opener. Part 4 - Braille the rail was hands down my favorite of all 5 "Come sit and drink tea with me while I tell you your lot" If only Alice had her tea party with Hatter while on a train, ah yes that is where my mind took me. Perhaps they could invite Obo the Hobo to ride the crazy train too? What can I say new about Jason McIntyre's writing that I didn't mention in my first book review, I think each time I read something my level or mind set of the dark, the mysterious, creepy visions or just the eerie feel goes up a notch.
  • Breakfast In Bed on March 27, 2013

    This was a nice short, romantic but very sexy read. I think this short could turn into really nice long story...just saying