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I was born in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) a long time ago, came of age in Britain (an Anglophile to the core), and have lived in the U.S. since 1985.
For over 30 years I tried to make a living in the computer industry and was employed by the likes of IBM, Wang and BBN. Due to a genetic disposition, writing, however, is my weakness. I wrote my first book in 1983, 500 pages in longhand, in pencil, distrusting early PCs and too inept to use a typewriter. It was about a networking architecture, now long obsolete. The book, nonetheless, is still available here. Since then, I have written four other dense books on technology and upwards of 350 published articles.
Sometimes when the planets are propitiously aligned, I produce graphic marketing collateral for select clients and creates image-laden Web sites. I also maintain a number of rather popular blogs. Many are to do with popes but one is about Windows 7!
My first name means 'a guiding light,' while 'Guruge' stands for 'from the house of the teacher.' Both my parents were teachers. I have also taught, albeit grad and post-grad classes. But, this said, I am not sure whether I have ever lived up to my name.
My mother, and since then quite a few others, refered to me as 'Anu.' In my thirties I discovered that Babylonians paid homage to an 'Anu.' My mother was unlikely to have known that. I have never had any desire to change any of my names.
I have a Master's degree in Computer Science from the University of London and a Bachelor's degree in Computer Technology from the University of Wales. Having once lived in the original Hampshire, I now live in New Hampshire.
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