G W Grant


G W Grant joined the Military fresh out of High School in 1973. He first served a six year tour as an enlisted member of our armed forces. During this time, he took college courses when he was able to do so, and earned his Bachelor’s Degree. He applied for the Officers Candidate School (OCS) and was accepted.

He served as an officer in the US Military for most of his twenty-three years of service and has recently retired from active duty.

His books are based upon his knowledge of combat tactics and leadership while he served in the Military. Over the years, he had been stationed in many parts of the world and has led or supervised several covert top secret combat operations.

Even though, he uses fictional names and places in his books, most of his stories are base on actual events that he has firsthand participated in or he was a part of the planning process.

In conclusion, G W Grant holds the upmost respect for the men and women in the Special Operation Units. The sacrifices they make to keep our country safe is something we should all be proud of and thankful for their service to our country.

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