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Since graduating from Ohio University with a Master’s of Science degree in Health and Human Performance and a concentration in Athletic Training, Gary has been training and motivating athletes of all levels for the last twenty - five years. His training techniques and published materials are original and cutting edge. Along with training athletes, Gary spent years educating parents on youth sports development and how to help their kids grow up to achieve their athletic and individual potential.

In the early part of his career, he focused on professional and high performance amateur athletes. After a few years, he realized his skills could be better utilized at the teenage level. "Teens are further away from their athletic potential than professionals. In order for them to go on and achieve full athletic potential, young athletes must engage in an array of athletic development activities as they pass through adolescence - when bodies are growing and maturing," says Simmons.

While training teenagers, Gary developed the rare ability to motivate and inspire them. He takes great pride in helping young athletes perform up to their potential on, as well as, off the field. Now that Simmons has completed Gymbag Wisdom, he's extremely excited to share the Wisdom with athletes, parents and coaches everywhere.

Simmons wrote his first book in 1991 en-tilted, Play For A Purpose. He also syndicated a column on child development for Scripps Howard News Agency which is now self-syndicated on his blog.

To compliment his achievements in publishing, Gary is also an established inventor. With over 30 inventions for sports and general conditioning, Gary recently designed The Family Path. A collection of exercises and play apparatuses he invented for adults and children that are placed along an outdoor walking path. Visit for more information and see why the New York Giants and The United Way quickly teamed up with him to help parents keep kids active.

He resides in Mullica Hill, New Jersey with his two active boys, twelve year old Chase and nine year old Jake.

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