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  • Dangerous Times on April 20, 2012
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    It's dangerous to review a mystery thriller without giving away too much. Let's just say that this writer knows exactly what he's doing. He lures you in,seduces you around dangerous turns, creates dark seductive murderous characters, puts you right in the San Pedro noir world, grabs you by the throat and just when you think you can't breathe, tightens his grip.
  • HYM and HUR on May 14, 2012

    This is a new and inventive twist to the notion of trying to trick Death--a pretty resourceful trickster himself. Naming his characters Hym and Hur made me think of Samuel Becket, a writer, who like Frey, celebrates odd and minimalist evocative prose. In a relatively short piece, this tale manages to do so much. it gives us a feeling of a long lasting (albeit strange) love relationship, a young couple whose first kiss was shared New Year's eve 1904. it gives us an interesting portrait of overly self-protective and over busied Los Angelenos and of the city itself. And, without giving away any spoilers, an inventive playfully serious excursion into the psyche of Death. It does all this while being unpretentiously literate.