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  • The Curse Girl on April 26, 2012

    I was so fortunate to receive a copy for review. One for: AMAZING! This is a wonderful quick adorable retelling of the classic tale of the Beauty and the Beast. 1 Star: The characters are likeable! Will is adorable and lovely annoying in the beginning. 2 Stars: Fairy tale elements. I LOVED the Fey Lands and how dangerous these magical beings really are. And I loved the fact that there was a stepmom and two stepsisters. 3 Stars: Their love doesn't develop that quickly. I hate when that happens 4 Stars: I love old fashioned boys so Will was spot on for me! 5 Stars: I never really liked the Beauty and the Beast, but I really like this version. -1 star: WHY ISNT THERE MORE? THIS COULD BE EVEN MORE AMAZING if it was longer! + 1 star: the general magic of the house! = total of 5 stars!