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Smashwords book reviews by Michael Foster

  • Watchers of the Dawn (A Steampunk Adventure) on Aug. 02, 2015

    Fun! This will make a great graphic novel. I really liked the inventive situations and back-stories. The women in it aren’t weak. You don’t need to be a vampire or steampunk fan to enjoy it. I learned a lot of historical and cultural things as I read, too. Totally worth the $5.
  • HellWish on July 05, 2016

    Very enjoyable, and totally worth the money (it's free)! Seemed puerile at first--until I realized, to my delight, that the beginning is a setup for a really clever dramatic situation. The author explains, in his notes, that he used still shots from Second Life as a basis for most of the images. Although I'm sure it would have been better with professionally-illustrated panels, the result is more than adequate to convey the action, and I would rather have the ability to read it now instead of waiting forever for some yet-to-be-drawn illustrations. The protagonist reminds me of Enoch Root in Neal Stephenson's books. He's intelligent, resourceful, and can kick some ass. Stop reading this and download it already! It's free, and it's not long. In the time you've spent reading this review you could have already been far enough into it to enjoy it.