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Why are you so passionate about reincarnation information getting out there?
From before my birth there was the knowledge that at last I can do it. At that time doing it was one thing but having the information and wherewithal to back it up was another. A vision when between lives showed this life ahead as a line drawn out. It was full of ups and downs to represent the highs and lows I would face. Almost as soon as I was back in a body the Spirit was working within to stop me from talking about anything until the time came and information would be given in support. That time was shown to me as the age of 45 years.
What happened when that time came?
Two months past my 45th birthday the power struck me one night when ill with sinus. I went to bed early and took the bible with me which was strange as I could never understand it. It opened somewhere in the middle and barely had I read a few words when they became unreadable. That's when the power pinned me to the bed unable to move a muscle. It commissioned me to tear down the wall of churches, to go out to the people and to bring back the young. Three visions quickly followed that showed my face on a screen and Jesus Christ being replaced by me as a teacher. I asked to be healed of my sinus as evidence that this was real. The pain instantly disappeared and has never returned.
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Reincarnation - A Return to Life
By Norma Holt
Price: Free! Words: 22,960. Language: English. Published: December 9, 2013. Category: Nonfiction
Memory of my reincarnation has inspired me to inform others who are searching for the truth. The knowledge of passing from life to life and that gained through visions and insight overrides religious views of heaven, hell, devil, angels and saints and proves that no such things exist. Life is in a body and the dead feel nothing. This is a book of enlightenment with the right answers.

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