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Hannah Kollef was born on the anniversary of Genghis Khan's death. She believes this is responsible for her poor table manners and love of pillaging.

Hannah earned her BA in Japanese and Political Science at Washington and Lee University. Upon graduating, she decided to pursue writing and published her first novel, "To Wake the Shadows." In October 2012 she published the first in her new Paths series, titled "Path of Needles." She also launched her new website, hannahkollef.com, a multimedia collaboration with input from a variety of talented musicians and artists.

​In addition to her novels, Hannah has been published in various magazines including In General magazine, Hometown Quarterly, and Brouhaha magazine. She has also worked as a freelance copywriter, editor, and social media consultant. She currently lives in Prague, where she works as a Trinity Certified English Teacher.

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Smashwords book reviews by Hannah Kollef

  • Qeya (Heaven's Edge #1) on Oct. 17, 2012

    "My childhood lullaby was the metallic blend of grinding gears, of hissing hydro fans and the growl of plasma engines burning." This is the first sentence of Qeya, and it should give you an idea of just how fabulous this book is. Qeya is a space-scifi-political-epic survival drama. Those are a lot of ideas for one book, and you'd think that the author would have difficulty keeping the story dynamic and cohesive. False. Qeya sucked me in right from that amazing first sentence and didn't let up. I loved Qeya as a character; she was smart and actually used her brain, and wasn't afraid to do what she needed to do to keep her people alive. From the very beginning, when she is one of the only people to see the danger for what it is (catastrophic) to the end, when she and the remaining survivors from her ship are stranded on a deadly planet, Qeya remained a strong female character that put the good of her people above her own needs. That is the kind of woman I like to read about! And the details! They were short, but not lacking for punch. I loved to read about the Miners and the interesting 'hunan' race. And, well, everything. This book was short- about 71 pages or so. I would have liked to read more, because it was such an interesting story. Otherwise, this is a five star book. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a fast, engaging read. I got a free copy of Qeya in exchange for an honest review.