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Some of you may wonder why The Whitby Ghost Book book is written by Paul McDermott and yet the name Paul fitz-George may pop up from mow on, e.g. on Christmas Customs of Old Whitby?

Well I became a 'new man' several years ago and took my wife Rosie's surname, as there is some interesting family history with it. I have however decided to show my old name on the book cover of The Whitby Ghost Book, a 'pen name' if you like, as this was the name on the original version when I wrote it back in 1987.

I now have a diploma in parapsychology and look forward to investigating the World of the Supernatural in even more detail in the future (I probably should have foreseen that...duh!). Check out my website for other information such as how to start off your ghost hunting career and do a simple Tarot reading. Good Hunting!

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