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Smashwords book reviews by christine bonner

  • Midnight Hunter Book One in the Midnight Hunter Trilogy on June 22, 2012

    this book was given to me free by the author to read you will love this book i was up till the early hours reading it and spent a good part of today finishing the book of this a story of Donna, her best friend Mo,Samee, Hunter, Trent, Dante. you will love them all, but the baddie Stephen you will hate Donna is the type of girl that every one likes to be, Mo is a fun loving all ways changing her hair, Hunter, Trent, Dante the vampires and Samee that lives with the men Stephen is the bad one and this is the story of how everyone meets, i loved this book as it has twist and turns in it and makes you wont to read more i am now going to get the other 2 books so i can find out what happens to them all
  • Dawn of the Hunter - Book Two on June 28, 2012

    his is the second book about Dawn,Hunter and the others. You have Cassie, Dawn baby and Mo baby in this one as well the book is centre around Dawn and Howie who owns the gun shop that sells things to Vampires and demons. He hate humans and has a name for all of them, but you will grow to love him There is a sex scene in it which funny with Cassie and Howie Also you will be laugh when Mo has to empty a cat litter tray and feed the cat The book is a page turner in in my case a thumb turner on the e reader, Love the book and cant wait to read the 3rd one i had this book brought for my from a friend for doing them a good turn and i am glad that i have them
  • Final Hour of the Hunter Book Three in The Midnight Hunter Trilogy on June 30, 2012

    this is the 3rd book about Dawn,hunter and the others the children are growing up fast and have many changes in there live It about the God of Chaos and what she does to the world/underworld. there is kidnapping, sex on the washing machine when on spin speed,funny part about the dog having his manhood taken away, what Hunter said about it and it has an amazing end I finished this book at 2am and loved every bit well done Bonnie i will miss reading about these guys
  • The Conduit on July 19, 2012

    the is a book about 2 sisters and there brother and the powers that there get, it was funny in places,this book starts by them getting their powers and how there react to them, could not put this book down and i had to start the next one straight after the demons and there black cloud
  • The Dark Gifts Inheritance on Aug. 10, 2012

    This book is about Jason and his sister Sarah both are on their own and have lived in foster care most of there lives Every month on full moon people are being killed and Jason is covered in blood. It turns out that both of them are wolf's and it takes them on a journey to find the truth about themselves, There meet a Aunt that is evil and you find out in the book how evil she is You all so get to meet Michael and Liz thank you willow for letting me read the book i cant wait for the next one to come out
  • S.P.I.R.I.T: Fire Storm on Aug. 29, 2012

    Samantha Ricketts finds herself miles from her home dressed and out side a church, there is lights on in the church so she starts to go into it when the church goes up in flames, A man runs out of the church and takes Sam with him and there run to a big truck that is red and has lights on the top, inside there are more men and she find out that the man that took her is called Zander The men are all in a army which you will find out all about as you read the book, Sam with not call the Captain Sir Sam and Zander are pulled together and there is some hot sex in it (with flames ) together there all help save a person and bring him bag to the real world. I hope you all enjoy this book as I did and that there is a follow up book to it as i would love to know what Sam and Zander get up to Thank you Dawn for letting me read this book
  • The Attic Door: The Complete Story on Sep. 01, 2012

    Serena and her mum move back in with her great grandfather as he dad has to go to war. in the attic is a door that she has been told not to go though. the other side of the door is magical this is the first book in 3 of a quick read any age will love it