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  • No Tears For My Father on March 04, 2014

    If in your lifetime, you're going to pick up and read just one book on child sexual abuse, then this is THE book! From the graphics soul-baring paragraphs, comes an image of a lonely & frightened young girl who daily has wait hand and foot on her tyrant of a father to satisfy his every demand, including those of lust.  Every chapter is a page-turner, not because it is made up of exaggerated fiction, but because it is unfortunately a true horror story representative of so many other innocent victims' out there. Each painful blow to the head from the father, each bruising lash of his belt, and each act of his sinful lust toward his daughter makes me think of my own precious daughters and their sweet classmates. Furthermore, it angers me to the point of wishing to find all those sick perpetrators out there and castrate everyone of them....Now THAT is powerful writing! Now, I've never been a proponent of violence for violence, but in this case, I doubt that the punishment would even be adequate for the crime -- a crime committed to a shockingly high number of innocent children in every culture, in every time period. Isn't it time we all do something about this to protect our generations and minimize the demoralization to this degree of lowness? The author's description of violence and of sexual violation is a cry for victims to come out and seek help and is a shout out to raise awareness of child sexual abuse. If prior to reading this heartbreaking memoir, you had been naive about incest, you now know. If you hadn't cared about the topic, you are now moved to take action!