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  • Diary of the Displaced - Book 1 - The Journal of James Halldon on Oct. 28, 2011

    Other reviewers have written a synopsis of the plot, so there is no need for me to repeat that. This is not the type of story I would usually choose to read, but I am glad I chose out of my comfort zone because I thoroughly enjoyed it. I thought Glynn James set the scene very well, and I could easily imagine the setting as I read. When I came to the end of the story I found myself wanting to continue with the next book to see where that would go. My only criticism would be with the editing, it is terrible. To and too are often used incorrectly, and some of the punctuation made sentences appear odd. I noticed where the plot got involved some sentences appeared jumbled. It's a shame when these irritating distractions spoil an otherwise enjoyable read
  • Diary of the Displaced - Chasing Spirits - The Memoirs of Reginald Weldon on Nov. 03, 2011

    I really enjoyed this book, and once I started reading had to keep going until I reached the end. I read it out of sequence, after The Last to Fall, but it really didn't matter. I like how things are beginning to tie in with the first book in the series, and some questions are starting to get answered. As with the others I found myself wanting more. I received this book, along with Diary of The Displaced and The Last to Fall as part of the Librarything Member Giveaway, but I am hooked now and will buy more of Glynn James' work.
  • The Last to Fall on Nov. 03, 2011

    I made a mistake and read this short novel out of sequence after Diary of the Displaced, The Journal of James Halldon, but actually I don't think that mattered. A really interesting story with great detail. Once again the editing is poor, but I don't think this detracts from the story. As with the first book it left me wanting to know more.
  • Naming The Moon on Nov. 03, 2011

    To me this felt like I was reading the notes for a novel. The basic plot was interesting, but it felt under-developed. Characters appeared without explanation, and some felt like they were little more than names. It has the potential to be a good story, but it needs more work.