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  • In and Out of Darkness: Losing Vision, Gaining Insight on Jan. 07, 2013
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    I love a good, honest memoir. The modern problem is, there aren't more than a handful a year that are worth a discretionary time investment greater than watching an entire episode of Downton Abbey uninterrupted. Linda Goodspeed's "In and Out of Darkness, Losing Vision, Gaining Insight", however, should be on everyone's short list of vivid and yet inwardly honest 'life so far' stories for 2013. For me, a terrific read involves at least one instance of an embarrassing omg-honestly email to my best friend para-typing a passage that nailed our friendship to within a centimeter of its definition (and said info had to be shared THEN). Goodspeed's story is as tightly written and interesting as it is inspirational, likely because she kept 'Why me?'s' to a minimum and never abandoned her goals through quite an impressive succession of obstacles. You don't forget that the heroine is blind, you have simply slipped inside her world so comfortably that the customary extra layer of distance is dispelled. It was a grin-out-loud victory moment when she was assigned to cover the Sarajevo Winter Olympics. I cheered all the more for her when she did manage to adopt her daughter in Russia and then succeed at changing careers with the added demands of 'single motherhood'. As the author herself says, "Terrorism and cancer will kill you. No one has ever died of blindness. Still, people fear it more than almost anything else. I know. I went through it." [You also just don't run across many authors you want to dork up for and email out of admiration, including the gushing parallels [not even close] to adventurous experiences you too had scored in your salad days.]