Smashwords book reviews by Harlan

  • The Ride on Aug. 14, 2011

    Sexy and emotionally engaging! Smashing stuff! Loved it!
  • Best Night Ever on Aug. 17, 2011

    It was quite sad, actually, with everything that we learned about Jordan's and Sapphire's pasts, but it did have a happier ending.
  • Best Night Ever II - Never Again on Aug. 17, 2011

    There were a few typos, but, all in all, it was a satisfying conclusion to the previous story.
  • Her on Sep. 04, 2011

    Very emotional.
  • Thirty Minutes or Less on Sep. 04, 2011

    An enjoyable read.
  • Thirty Minutes Till on Sep. 04, 2011

    An enjoyable read with a happy ending.
  • Afterthoughts on Sep. 04, 2011

    Sad and touching, but at times happy and full of hope. A wonderful collection of emotional poems. My only qualm -- and it's not really, strictly a "qualm", per se -- is that I don't believe you have to have religion to have spirituality, to feel a part of the universe and valued, valuable and needed by the rest of the world: you just have to be you. A lot of the poems are very sad and I think the thing you have to remember when you read them is that they are to make you think. Merely because others don't -- or have trouble showing -- that they care (or even love) you, doesn't mean that you aren't loved: you should always love yourself enough to care what happens to you and how your actions reverberate through the world and the people/living beings that you interact with. Loving yourself doesn't have to mean you're "in love" with yourself, but you've got to acknowledge yourself and realise that just because it's coming from you, that doesn't make it okay if the sentiment is meant to hurt and debilitate. Life and the very act of living and feeling can hurt, but not all pain has to be destructive, debilitating pain. And if no one else cares for you, or you feel that they don't, then it's not because you shouldn't be cared for -- you should always care for yourself -- and the future is a mystery. Anything can happen. Even change. You may, in the most unlikely moment, meet someone you can really care for and who really cares for you. You are never alone in the world. If you are alive, you are a part of all Life and the physical things and processes that facilitate life. In life, I think tolerance has to be one of your best assets. Tolerance allows you to learn and love, not matter what anyone else tells you. Everything you feel inside is real for you; it's real. It's saying something to you -- someone or something is saying something to you, either you or someone you know and think about, in the front or the back of your mind. Your feelings matter. Why, then, wouldn't anyone else's? You don't have to be alone in this world -- you aren't alone! These poems made me think about something I don't think about a whole lot -- the way some people relate to the world and how, even though they might have many labels for themselves that are different to the labels others appoint themselves still, we are all basically the same, in a good way. We all have emotions and we all deal with them and handle them in different, but sometimes quite similar ways, and we all need recognition, love, safety and to live and, ideally, to learn and go on learning our whole lives (which, in truth, we do, though we may not realise). We sometimes build up walls that tell us we're different, but they're both real and unreal in varying degrees. And sometimes, the walls are for different reasons; why we label ourselves "different" is for different reasons. A way to separate ourselves from others, maybe to shield ourselves from emotional hurt and pain, but also, sometimes, to allow ourselves to feel as though we have something meaningful in our lives that we clutch onto and which sometimes ends up stilting us, too, not allowing us to see the good that we could allow into our lives by perhaps opening our minds and allowing ourselves to connect again. Life isn't always going to be glorious and joyous, but we don't have to be unhappy just because we're not "happy". Emotions are more complex than that, really, and are constantly unfolding in various shades and lights and aspects, affected by our present, future and past, as well as everyone that we know, interact with and know, hear, or read about, or even dream or someone merely from our imaginations. Tolerance allows us to live our lives to the fullest extent and also to connect more fully. It can be a really great thing; for you, and for those around you. I think these poems are trying to point out how life can be dulled and how you can hurt yourself very badly if you don't love yourself and if you don't allow yourself to accept the past as the past and take your lesson from it and move on. And I also feel that it strongly encourages tolerance between people to foster better relationships (and understanding in relationships), whether they be romantic or not. I am not a religious person, myself, but I am of the belief that if it makes you a better person and allows you to enjoy your life more fully and be more aware of yourself as an individual as well as one living in a community, as a part of the world, go with it -- certainly! But we don't just have one form of belief in our lives, we have many, many, and as we go on learning and living, and reflecting on our lives, we may alter our beliefs, but that doesn't make what we believe in or believed in any less important to our life's journey. Ah... such a long review! If you find it tedious, reading it all (on a computer screen, no less!), I'll understand. Basically, I quite liked the poems. :) I know I could have brought that same thing across in less words, but a fair portion of the poems evoked such downheartedness that I just had to go off on a tangent and ramble. I know I've felt quite downheartened, myself, at times, but life isn't only about hurt and hurting. It's also about connecting with the world and with others and with ourselves (and getting to know ourselves better through our interactions with the world), and finding joy in life. Life is sadness, but also happiness: living is to have feelings. I guess that's all I meant to say. I don't know you, the author, and I might not know any of your readers (past, present or future), but I do know we're all in this world together. Yeah, well, that's me -- rambled on enough. Shall stop now. :)
  • The Meat Market on Sep. 05, 2011
    (no rating)
    **Contains Spoilers... Sort Of** Man, that gave me the creepy crawlies! Were this listed under horror, I would definitely have given it 4 out of 5 stars, but under erotica, I feel the twist at the end kind of ruined the whole erotic element that had been built up through the start and middle. I was thinking maybe this woman would get to know one of the guys as a human being and change her mind about her coldness towards him/them, but that's not what happened. And that wasn't what you wanted to convey in your story... that's what I would have liked to have read, but it's your story. Good job on the creepiness, though. I actually didn't see it coming. I guess it shows that I don't read a lot of horror.
  • Writer's Workshop on Sep. 13, 2011

    An interesting concept.
  • His Robot Girlfriend on Sep. 19, 2011

    An interesting concept. Overall, I thought it was alright.
  • The Last Tattoo, A Short Story on Sep. 24, 2011

    Hmm... Interesting, but a little too short to really make all that much of an impression. There's quite a bit of character explanation, but the storyline is then quite simple. Though, in all fairness, I wasn't expecting it to be phenomenal at that length. There's just one thing I was confused about... was the girl that came in for the tattoo also one of Wilbur's kind?
  • The Gathering on Sep. 24, 2011

    It gives one something to think about, certainly.
  • The Captive on Sep. 24, 2011

    Simple, but effective.
  • The Lawyer on Sep. 24, 2011

    Sad, but true. This really happens. People slowly become machines and give away their humanity and their connection to the living, breathing, feeling being inside them and those around them. I quite liked this short story, though, being a bit of a romantic, it would have been cute if he could have reconciled with his wife and helped her to see the larger truth and how she was so badly hurting herself by blindly following along with a system she didn't truly understand (or even, as it seems, want to understand).
  • Cyber Lover on Sep. 30, 2011

    For being as short as it was, I sorta liked it. Concise and to the point. It would have been interesting to see this idea expanded into a longer story with some more background on the characters...
  • Pillow Talk - Romance Short Story on Sep. 30, 2011

    Interesting and fun. With a little work, it could be really awesome.
  • King Jimmy on Oct. 02, 2011

    Well done!
  • 3 Poems on Nov. 29, 2011

    I really liked your poems. They conveyed a lot of story in little words. In the line "...and the sea is the one we’re lost in, call Life" there's a small typo, I think. You meant "called Life", didn't you?
  • Phoetry on Nov. 29, 2011

    I thought the little poems and the pictures went well together.
  • Water on Nov. 29, 2011

    A little too thin on storyline, for me. Feels much more like wish fulfilment (for the character) than anything else. With expanding, it could go places. It was just too short for me.
  • Where The Sun Sets on Dec. 04, 2011

    Something a little different, but an intriguing, interesting read, nonetheless.
  • Kafka's Heater on Dec. 13, 2011

    An interesting tale...
  • Nujhat on Feb. 17, 2012

    It drew me in slowly and made me think about what you were saying... I liked your poems. My favourite has to be "You Define Me", though I couldn't say why. I really liked this line: "Bricks as bones, you build me up again slowly". I'd love to see a larger collection of poetry from you. :)
  • Spank Me, Senator! on March 07, 2012

    Aw, now I want to read more about these two! :-) If you ever think about making this into a longer story, I'd be happy to read it.
  • Stranger Sex: Three Different Ways on March 14, 2012

    Constructive criticism: Out of the three stories, I preferred the second as it offered more in the way of storyline and character development. For it being erotica, the first and third stories really didn't give enough of either of these for my complete satisfaction. There were a few typos dotted throughout too, but it wasn't so bad I couldn't go on reading. Though it's not usually what I like to read, I thought I'd try something different, and all of the stories were okay, but I think Whip Me Harder was the standout of this collection. I really found myself thinking quite a lot about Rachel's psychological condition and wishing there was a little more background to both her's and the unnamed man's thoughts and emotions regarding their new-found relationship. I'd have liked this particular story to be longer because I felt it could really get down to exploring some serious, true-to-life issues. I can, however, live with it being as is. So, yes, out of the three, number two was my favourite. The first and last story didn't really flesh out the characters as people enough for me, they just seemed a little too much like give-me-what-I-want machines, not that I mean to sound horrible. I just think, in real life, people can't always expect things to go down like that, and they have other motivations in life also... And sometimes the sex doesn't have to be what other people would consider mind-blowing because, in real life, there's a component to it that it's often hard to capture in stories... the emotional connection two people can have to one another that make living life just a little bit sweeter, and sometimes a little sadder. Sex is important, but in many cases it wouldn't be as... meaningful... without that emotional connection. A relationship is about two people (or sometimes more), and I don't feel Rough Custody or Taken In The Dark really embodied this enough for my liking, or explained the reasons why this may not (exactly) be the case. I can appreciate that the female protagonists also wanted to give the guy's back as good as they got (sexually), but from my point of view... well, I see how it could be debilitating sometimes if one really, honestly did live in that sort of state. For your life, as well as your relationships. Some people may be okay with it (may see it as giving them freedom and room to live out their fantasies and find what truly satisfies them sexually), whilst others may not (who may just want to be with that one person because they love them for being a person, and not merely (or mostly) a sex object). Lastly, I hope you don't think I was dissing your stories. I wasn't trying to, even if I ended up doing so. Sorry. They just gave me a lot to think about, and I *know* - maybe it's a side effect of high school English class, or something, but when I get started, I can analyse things to death, not always seeing the simple simplicity that a story was merely meant to be... that it's just entertainment. Sometimes I get overly attached or excited about a piece and I want it to be something more... that's just the type of weird I am. But back to Whip Me Harder, I would love, love, *love* more of this story! I guess it just speaks to me. And the ending - gulp! I definitely didn't see that coming. I don't know what to think about that comment, truthfully. It sorted gave me chills but I could also see it in a potentially romantic light, too. (I'm a bit of a romance junkie, eep!) Call me old-fashioned, stuck-up, or whatever. Do keep writing, though; I can see something really touching (and possibly quite raw) happening in the future. :-) Rating: Rough Custody - 3.5 Stars, Whip Me Harder - 4.5 Stars; Taken in the Dark - 3.5 Stars. Overall - 4 Stars.
  • Connections (A Short Erotic / Erotica Romance) on March 14, 2012

    I can see why this story got such high praise. It was slightly awesome! Plenty of character development, a plot, romance, and an emotional, fulfilling sex scene. :-)
  • Star Spangled Spanking on March 17, 2012

    I liked this story, just not as much as your other story I read, Spank Me, Senator! I don't really know why, but maybe it was because Sami and Evan were already a couple and weren't getting to know about each other for the first time and already knew a lot of stuff about each other emotionally and psychologically. Can't really explain it, but it was okay, just not super excellent for me. For others? Who knows?
  • The First Collection of Poems: A Small Collection of Poems on March 20, 2012

    I loved these little poems of yours. :-)
  • How to Fake an Eye Smile, and other poems on March 21, 2012

    Just what the description says: some trivial, some serious, some humorous. They certainly give the reader something to think about. An interesting collection of poetry.
  • Good Sense Of Humor, Must Have Tentacles (Alien Sci-Fi Tentacle Sex Erotica) on April 05, 2012

    I really liked this! A good mix of erotica and romance. Simple and incredibly cute!
  • The Monster on April 09, 2012

    Aw, that's sad!
  • Along the Wayward Path on Aug. 08, 2012

    An interesting little collection.
  • The Pain on Aug. 08, 2012

    A great little collection of poems, though sad. 4 1/2 stars!
  • Pinko on Dec. 15, 2012

    Each time I read these poems, I find myself finding something new to relate to, or some new way of interpreting them. These are thoughtful, intriguing and involving poems. I like them very much.
  • Hold On To The Nights on May 15, 2013

    An absolutely fantastic addition to the series; expect more twists, more angst, and more love! Much, much more! I enjoyed this instalment as much as the first, and gladly look forward to the next, Because The Night. ;)
  • The Fragments of Olivia on May 27, 2013

    So much adorableness and sadness. I loved it. :)
  • Taken by the Slender Man on Sep. 20, 2013

    ** This review could contain spoilers ** I enjoyed this short story about a young woman and the Slender Man. If you like kinky, quirky, quite possibly freaky and most definitely sexy tales of monster sex, you’ll enjoy this one, and it comes complete with a happy ending. Sigh.
  • Impregnated By The Mutant Tentacle Plant on Sep. 20, 2013

    This short story is the first in a new series about a scientist, Liz, and her creation, Seph. It’s a little bit dubious consent, and a little bit Whoa Nelly! I enjoyed it all, and look forward to the second story in the series.
  • The Interspecies Sex Bundle on Sep. 20, 2013

    Taken as a whole, this series doesn't disappoint!
  • Defiled on Sep. 25, 2013

    ** I received this eBook free with a coupon from the author ** An intriguing beginning to what promises to be another sexy, dark and utterly hardcore series. I especially enjoyed the interactions and power play between Kelly and the tentacle demon, and I look forward to reading the next in the series. I give Defiled a rating of four and a half stars.
  • Defiled on Sep. 25, 2013

    I look forward to reading the next story in the trilogy.
  • Taken Alive (tentacle monster sex) on Oct. 01, 2013

    Okay, I can work with that. Now onto Impregnated!
  • Impregnated (tentacle monster erotica) on Oct. 01, 2013

    This last installment in the Escape from the Tentacle Demons series was something of a rollercoaster ride for me. Finally, I settled on feeling an understanding for how it all turned out. I have to say, this girl is tough! Five stars, and a high five for Kelly! You go, girl!
  • The Tentacle Monster Romance Bundle (erotic tentacle impregnation) on Oct. 01, 2013

    ** Spoiler Alert ** These short stories come with a twist. They’re impregnation erotica (or breeding erotica), and they’re romance, but not as most of us would be likely to think of it… In “Breeding Her by the Beach”, a story told entirely from the tentacle monster’s point-of-view, it’s the monster who is in love with the female character, a young human woman. The monster definitely has the billionaire thing happening, let me tell you! In “Sacrificed to the Kraken”, we don’t really get a picture of the monster’s character (as such), though he/it manages to maintain an ever-present sense of power, menace and awe, especially over the heroine’s character. The romance comes from her desire to… how can I put this… to prostrate herself to her god? To fulfill his desires in gratitude for his… hmm… All right, so she doesn’t have a lot of choice, either way. But that can be… empowering, or liberating, in a way. And there’s also the allure of a powerful (and possibly lustful) character. And lastly, in “Slave to the Tentacle Alien”, we have something completely different. Dominance, submission, and one massive clash of cultures. It’s complicated. Yes, that’s as much as I’m going to say… complicated! I enjoyed these stories, I was hanging out for a continuation for a short while, and then I reminded myself… ah, impregnation erotica. With a side of romance. It’s about the impregnation! And on that count, these three short stories certainly deliver!
  • Following Her Lead on Nov. 12, 2013

    Naughty, beautiful, and totally bittersweet!
  • Her Secret Dungeon on Nov. 19, 2013

    Darkly intriguing and erotic, Her Secret Dungeon will have you yearning for more! Fingers crossed, I'm eagerly awaiting the novel, or the playlist, whichever comes first. ;)
  • College Lesbian Bondage on Nov. 19, 2013

    An enjoyable read, though I had to question the feasibility of the "first time" protagonist's bedroom skills with her playmate/lab partner, Alice. If you enjoy tales of college girls who are just a bit nerdy and slightly spooky and unselfconscious, and sexy, edgy, kinky experiments, then you'll love College Lesbian Bondage. I give it four and a half stars!
  • Victim on Nov. 19, 2013

    Spooky, kooky, dark and twisted, Victim will leave you asking yourself, Did I enjoy it, could I enjoy it? This is a tale of darkness and depravity and bizarrely addicting erotic horror. Try it, if you're feeling brave, and decide for yourself!
  • Impregnated By The Mutant Tentacle Plant 2 on Dec. 16, 2013

    **I received this story free from the author** A great continuation to this exciting series, suspenseful and intriguing.
  • Holly And The Tentacle Alien Sex Bundle on Dec. 17, 2013

    I enjoyed this series; my very favourite story being the last. If you liked the Interspecies Sex series, you'll adore the Breeding Holly series! It has tentacles, horror, erotica and more!
  • Red Ink: Blood Letting on Dec. 23, 2013

    Different and enjoyable, and a little bit spooky! Well done, Astrid and Eva. :) I'd love to see more collaborative works in future. I give Red Ink: Blood Letting four and a half stars!
  • Impregnated By The Mutant Tentacle Plant 3 on Jan. 02, 2014

    An apt conclusion to the series; I enjoyed reading, and look forward to future works by Aster Zhen.
  • Lesbians In The Basement on Feb. 11, 2014

    With elements of erotic horror and psychological drama, Lesbians in the Basement is set in a world similar to our own but not entirely the same, I sense. The characters and scenarios are intriguing, though I would have liked to see a longer story where the emotion was developed more strongly for a truly immersive experience. I give it three and a half stars.
  • -ologist at Large on March 16, 2014

    I loved Ola and her many adventures! ;)
  • Scoring With Shyla: Old Geezer Hits Target With Hot Soccer Wife on March 18, 2014

    I found myself endeared to Shyla and Walter's story in an odd way, despite it being an acquired taste, though I only mean that in the kindest possible way. It was hilarious and lewd and a bit disturbing, but I liked it and the writing is good - you just want to keep reading. I did wonder if you might write a sequel where Shyla and Walter come to care for one another as equals rather than merely objects of desire, particularly with Shyla and her husband seemingly being such a bad fit for one another... I enjoy love stories and I sensed the potential here. :-) I give it four and a half stars!
  • Captured by the Alien on March 23, 2014

    Most of all, I enjoyed the world-building in this story, and the erotica was all right too.
  • Captured by the Darkness on March 23, 2014

    After reading Captured by the Vampire (to which I assume this is a companion), I found this an intriguing story.
  • Anal Favor on April 01, 2014

    I didn't mind this. I give it three and a half stars.
  • Not an Easy A on April 01, 2014

    Not So Easy A has plenty of sex and angst, but I personally would have liked to see a little of Lacy and Jack outside of their "lessons", in their everyday, day-to-day lives as I feel it would have given me a greater connection to their characters and allowed us to see the characters' personalities that much better. Aside from this, I liked this story.
  • Ravaged by the Mutilated Lesbian Zombie Queen on April 14, 2014

    Blood, gore and sex galore, Ravished by the Mutilated Lesbian Zombie Queen is sometimes shocking, at times lewd, and often moving. You'll find yourself rooting for Rachel in this bleak, horror-filled world. I know I was! I give it four and a half stars.
  • Her Crimson Desire: Enslaved by a Lesbian Vampire on April 14, 2014

    Her Crimson Desire isn't just a vampire romp, it's an illuminating tale that makes us think about what it means to be the "dominant" species. I give it four and a half stars.
  • Caitlyn's Lesbian Abduction: A Slavegirl For Miss Margaret on April 14, 2014

    A thoroughly engaging read, featuring two strong, smart heroines. I look forward to reading the continuation. It's five stars from me!
  • Ravished At Gunpoint on April 16, 2014

    This is a hard one to pin down. It's certainly different. It's three and a half stars from me.
  • Breathless by Her Command on April 16, 2014

    The mystery deepens! I'm intrigued. Looking forward to reading the conclusion. I give it three and a half stars.
  • Gender Swap Selections (Gender Transformation Erotica 3-Pack) on April 21, 2014

    Simple scenarios carried off with a few typos but OK.
  • Dinner And A Show on June 09, 2014

    One for the fans! Dinner and a Show is a dish of a short story, bursting with sexy, edgy lesbian goodness and sweetly zinging with a hint of romance! Got a craving? There's plenty of naughty here! Go on, satisfy yourself. It's three and a half stars from me.
  • Traffic Cop Gender Swap (Gender Transformation Feminization Erotica) on June 10, 2014

    A few minor typos, nothing major though. Traffic Cop Gender Swap is a straightforward story of a gender swap encounter brought on by, uh oh, popping the wrong pill. I would have liked to have gotten more of a sense of Dave's character, a flavour, I guess, but I didn't mind the story. I wouldn't mind reading a sequel, maybe something dealing with how mundane Dave's life was and how he'd started to crave something different and was unable to forget the encounter or who it was with. I give it three and a half to four stars.
  • Her Turn at Bat on June 10, 2014

    Sexy and sweet in one! A slow burn leading to a heated crescendo, and a pleasant lingering warmth. A few typos; nothing major. I give it four and a half stars. After a hiatus, I'm glad to see Annabeth writing again and hope Her Turn at Bat won't be the last we see of her work. :)
  • The Tentacle Temple (Chastity Corrupted 1) on June 19, 2014

    An interesting beginning to a new series by Luna Loupe. I'm curious to learn more about Chastity and the mysterious Order of the Silver Eye. I give The Tentacle Temple three to three and a half stars.
  • Unearthly Bonds (Three Erotic Tales of Alien Bondage) on Aug. 04, 2014

    Three stories of human / alien naughtiness, including abduction, tentacles, UFOs and more! I give Unearthly Bonds three and a half to four stars.
  • Bunker Bride (A post-apocalyptic affair) on Dec. 31, 2015

    Bunker Bride is smoothly written, buzzes with a menacing undercurrent and is full of dark erotic tension. If you like your erotica on the darker side, if you enjoy kidnapping fantasies and dystopian futures, Aster Zhen's latest short story won't disappoint.