Ruby Fitzgerald


Chicago-based author, Ruby Fitzgerald, grew up in a small town in Oregon, Nature's night skies, youthful strong emotions, and an intuitive, free-spirit developed into creativity. As a teenager, Fitzgerald turned to writing as a outlet for her thoughts and passions; and she hasn't stopped since.

'Harmonies of War' is Fitzgerald's fast-paced debut novel, a guide that gives you a heart-pounding glimpse into the Temperate Lands. The 'Descendants of War' series that follows, will open your imagination to the magic Fitzgerald herself loves so dearly. It will make you rethink the definition of 'strong', grab hold of your heart with relationships just like your own, and make you despair, hope, and shudder with betrayal, knowing everyone has days when their internal demons win.

Is it fate and prophecies that form the future? or do we make our own choices, our own path?

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Bridget & The Scout
Descendants of War is about the seen, and unseen forces that chase us, some of which we create ourselves. The Descendants can only use their abilities so much before evil truly gets a hold of them. No can outrun The Jinx, even in Kailani...


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