Harry H. Hawkins, III


Harry H. Hawkins, III was born in Washington D.C. in January of 1979 where he lived until he was four years old. He always had an active imagination and a love for science fiction and fantasy. As a testament to that fact Harry created his first unique character when he was in the sixth grade. Over the next few years Harry continued to draw new characters, a skill that his father helped him develop, fueling his passion for creation. When he was fifteen, Harry made a drawing that would alter his life; he drew all of his current characters in one setting engaged in combat. Later that night he made a story to explain why the interactions between the characters were taking place and the significance of those relationships. Thus was the start of the 2 Kingdoms Saga.
For the next few years through high school Harry continued to draw and create new characters. While attending Emory University, he had an epiphany: he loved to write and he had created just over two hundred unique characters all with names and a part to play in his story that now stretched three generations. It was at this time that he decided to share the world of the Anakim with the world. Debating over what media to use to tell the story, Harry finally decided on writing a book. He realized during his time in college that he could write better than he could draw and so set down with pen and paper and started his first draft.
Many years later Harry has completed numerous written works and currently resides in the Metro Atlanta area with his children Harry J. and Kaye and continues to write adding to the 2 Kingdoms Universe.

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