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  • Blood on the Ice on April 03, 2011

    Plot Summary: The Fighting Aardvarks, a sub sub pro hockey team in British Columbia has just traded a player, and Digger, the new guy... is a Vampire... as, one by one, he begins turning his teammates, it sends them on a winning streak, but Hammie, the very likeable, very realistic MC, doesn't really think they really ought to be giving up their mortal selves... This is not your normal Vampire book... it is laugh out loud funny in a lot of places—not terribly scary, though there are definitely tense moments. The relationships struck me as far more realistic than you normally see in literature... the CLASSIC Jewish mother (but not overdone), the (goth writer wannabe) girlfriend a slightly insecure guy could really end up stuck with... The romance is subtle and definitely only subplot. And at the start of sections, the narrator speaks directly to the reader—typically a no-no (though try telling that to Tolstoy or Hugo... and more recently, Zusak). There is a twist likely to offend people who take their Christianity too seriously, and so I definitely don't recommend this book to that group, and the hockey detail might be a bit much for people who have never watched or played—a fair bit of the action is on the ice, but I think for other people looking for a really entertaining romp of a story, this was a really fun read.