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Smashwords book reviews by louise mcdougal

  • The Watcher on March 21, 2011

    The Watcher is a fascinating complex fast paced thrill ride that kept me turning pages. I'm not usually a fan of out of body experience stories but this one was gripping from the very beginning . There are characters to love and admire and the bad guys are really bad with a fair amount of death and destruction. There are so many twists and spine tingling turns. All the whys and character motivations become clear as the story reaches its conclusion. This is a super thriller I found intriguing and can recommend to anyone looking for a real page turner.
  • His First Kill: A Short Story on March 21, 2011

    This short story is very intense and a fast read from the first paragraph. This young man is to be an assassin for money. Unfortunately he finds himself in an unanticipated dilemma that makes what he thought he could handled a whole lot harder than he bargained for. John Brinling does a great job of developing this young boy and how he works through his dilemma. The final twist is really well done. Read it and find out.
  • A Memorable Weekend: A Short Story on March 29, 2011

    I really liked this story. I've read a few stories written by Mr. Brinling now and he does have a flair for the sensitive as well as his mystery and thriller writing abilities. In this heartwarming tale Marge is overwhelmed with her progressing debilitating disease and learns a lesson in optimism from Alan who is much younger, has his own disabilities and rises above them. A sweet story we can all take a lesson from.
  • The Robbery: A Short Story on March 29, 2011

    The Robbery was a fun read, a real who done it that pulls one toward one person as the culprit and in the next sentence pulls you in another direction to suspect someone else. I was sympathetic to Walter, suspicious of partner Joe but then what about the wife Muriel. Who outwits who in the end. Another of John Brinling's clever twist tales. A short and oh so sweet read.
  • Sinkhole: A Short Story on Aug. 21, 2011

    Sinkhole is an amazing short story that is a gripping scary ride the reader takes with a young woman called Angela. Initially there is fear for her safety as she hears a voice coaxing her into the hole that suddenly appears. You want to tell her not to listen but are at the same time intrigued enough to wonder what story the hole needs to tell. John Brinling does, once again, a superb job of keeping the reader in suspense and turning pages. I don't want to spoil the fun for new readers of Mr. Brinling's stories by sharing any more about the hole's secret. The outcome of Angela's scary adventure in that hole is worth the wait. Does justice prevail? Read the story and see for yourself. It does not disappoint.