The Crane’s Nest

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Patricia Crane, Ph. D. – Scientist, Teacher, Workshop leader

Rick Nichols – Poet, Philosopher, Storyteller

This unlikely duo have been together for over fifteen years. They come from very different back grounds and life styles. Patricia was raised by a pair of successful left brained accountants and has a well rounded higher education. Walking a spiritual path, she has been a teacher of love, compassion and health for most of her working life. Rick on the other hand was raised by a pair of alcoholic combatants, dropped out of the 9th grade on his 17th birthday to go to sea and see the world (US Navy/Vietnam), and has spent most of his working life clawing his way along one competitive corporate path or another. They are as wildly different and diverse as peanut butter and jelly, and yet every bit as delicious as they blend together sharing their love, laughter, and a very special wisdom derived from the confluence of their paths, their lives and their uniquely contrasting life experiences.

Since earning her Ph.D. in social psychology from Claremont Graduate School, Dr. Crane has dedicated her work to healing the earth and it’s peoples. Searching for a deeper spiritual connection with life, Patricia began practicing Transcendental Meditation in the mid 70′s, and then began working with
Louise Hay in 1987 assisting in the workshop intensives. Since then she has rounded out her spiritual experience and education through a devoted study of A Course In Miracles, Reiki Healing, Science of Mind and many other life transforming philosophies and practices. Dr. Crane has had the privilege of training with some of the premier spiritual teachers of our time, including Deepak Chopra, Louise Hay, and Marianne Williamson. She has, herself, trained many people around the world to lead the “You Can Heal Your Life Study Course” and the “Love Yourself, Heal Your Life Workshop”. A Reiki Master and internationally sought-after speaker on a variety of spiritual topics, Dr. Crane continues to create, develop and present programs on the mind-body connection, creative visualization, stress management and Reiki natural healing. She has been a wonderful teacher to many people. Additionally, Dr. Crane has written and produced several audio tapes on meditation, visualization, and stress reduction.

Rick is an international speaker, open hearted adventurer and spiritual seeker. After almost 20 years with AT&T, he decided that the pressures of high tech. telecom. weren’t for him, so he took an early retirement (corp. downsize) and entered into a high tech. telecom. business, which he decided wasn’t for
him, so he left and went to work for a high tech. telecom. co. which he decided wasn’t for him… (you get the picture) Rick is a Reiki Master, and an international speaker and workshop leader. He has a passion for life, and believes that love, laughter, and beauty are the most powerful healing forces in the universe. In
work and in play he draws on the charm and wisdom found in stories and fairy tales, the joy and beauty of poetry, and a strong sense of humor to remind him and those around him that life is meant for liv’n, lov’n and laugh’n: an adventure of the Grandest Order!

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