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  • The Finding on Feb. 25, 2011

    After months of waiting,,, here it is! The finding.. i just finished reading this a while ago... and well couple of months of waiting more than worth it. I love all this writer's books. Forever in time, The Mating, The Keeping, and this 3rd book of Law of Lycan "The finding". The Finding is a story about a loner werewolf Cassie who doesn't want to accept what she really is so then she tried her real best not to be (or hide) what she's supposed to be. And Bryan,ex-lover of Elise in 'The Mating', is the one appointed to find this untrained innocent werewolf to join their pack. His character in the 1st book never made me this interested in him. Miss Charles really knows how to make every character in her books enchanting in their own unique features. And she knows really well how to satisfy her readers. Great art! It deserves to have more than this number of stars ***** :)